In the Photo Fridays – Week 6

Once again there were no photos taken of us this week, so here we are messing around at work. =)


Ella, & Rainbows, & Teeth. . . . .Oh my!

Ella will be 6 months old and she might have at least 1 tooth before then! The poor kid has been teething for about 2 months now and it looks like it’s finally coming to a head. The past couple nights her (and therefore my) sleep have been horrible, and this is why.

Poor thing, her two top teeth are working their way out slowly but surely. Unless she’s (finally) napping, or in her exersaucer she SCREAMS if I put her down, poor thing just wants to be comforted, it makes for a long day at work though. I bought her an infant sized Amber teething anklet off of etsy (yeah, I’m addicted so what!) and it’s WAY too big and it promptly fell off. I hate the idea of giving her tylenol (even the generic) so we’re just kind of biting our way through things right now.
So, we had a crazy rain storm last night but thanks to all that rain this morning I woke up to this:
And then to make it even better, when we got to work, I saw this:
2 rainbows in 1 morning, I thought it was pretty cool.
So, as I said above Ella will be 6 months old this coming Monday, she has her actual 6 month well check that morning which means shots to start things off. And, boo for me, Brad is going to a concert on Sunday and not driving home so I have to go by myself, again, for shots. But, on a happier not, for her 6 month photos I made her an ADORABLE tutu and commisioned 2 matching head bands from Princess Couture Designs, she is going to be too cute for words. I tried the tutu on her the other morning just to make sure I had all of my measurements right and had to squeal even looking at it over her little pj’s. So cute!
We were supposed to go to a Tim McGraw concert this weekend but plans changed so we aren’t going, but we had ordered Ella some infant noise reducing headphones to wear to the show and they look too funny on her not to share!
And, last but not least, this picture of Ella snoozing in her car seat. Look at how red her hair looks! CRAZY! When I was going back through pictures on my camera I was shocked at how much it stood out!

Dear Ella;

Last night was rough! Your little teeth are taking their sweet time coming in and it seems to be keeping you up at night. Last night when you woke up at 11, which is very odd for you to wake up that early, I thought you were going right back to sleep as you nursed. As soon as I laid you down, your eyes popped open and you were wide awake. I thought if I let you lay there you would put yourself to sleep, wrong. I watched you on your monitor, as you scooted yourself around your crib, checking out the animals on your bumper for almost an hour. You finally started to drift off but you were up against the bumper, so I came in when I thought you were sleeping to scoot you away from it, pop went your eyes as soon as I touched you. I got the biggest smile, and just like every smile, my heart melted a little more.
I decided to try and nurse you a little more and see if you could get to sleep that way. As we sat there rocking you to sleep, you carressed my hair as you nursed, and then right before you fell asleep you grabbed on to my thumb and just gave it a little squeeze. I couldn’t help it, I cried. It was such a sweet little gesture and a moment I will always remember. It was something that you have done several times before, but this time it was different somehow, it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.
When you woke up an hour and a half later, at 1:30, you went to sleep a little easier. At 4:15, you popped right back up when I laid you down but then you talked yourself back to sleep. I felt so bad waking you up at 5:45. But now, as I watch you sleeping in the pack N play behind me at work, I know that every sleepless night is so worth it. If I could survive I would stay awake every second of the day just taking you in.
I love you more then you will ever know.

In the Photo Fridays – Week 5: Adventures in sitting!

We have discovered in the last couple of weeks that Ella sits up much better un-supported then she does when she’s supported. She can go for about 10 seconds un-supported before she falls over or starts leaning, if she has pillows or the boppy around her, she immediately goes to lean on it. So, for my In the photo Friday pics here is Ella doing some sitting, with her lovely mommy in the background.

(Oh yes, Elvis was in the building!)
So, in some of these, I am headless. Ha! But, that still counts as in the photo right?! =)
Okay and as we speak I am going to my last post to add in some pictures of Ella just chilling at her first bluegrass show. =)

Hi my name is Rachel. . . . .

. . . . . .And I am a cloth diapering addict!
To feed my addiction I have been entering giveaways on blogs to try and win some other brands to try out. One brand that I have been dying to try is called Thirsties as it is based here in Colorado. The blog Organic Girl Reviews & Giveaways is giving away a Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper Here! I’m hoping that I win but if anyone else wants a chance to win, go ahead and enter!!

Bluegrass, swimming, and some Mommy time!

So, I left my camera at home today, of course. Unfortunately this post will therefor not have any pictures. I will get some up in the next day or so to accompany this post.
On Sunday we took Ella up to her first Bluegrass show at the Mishawaka Amp. up in Ft. Collins. It was a gorgeous small venue up along the Poudre river in the Poudre canyon. It was just a bunch of local bands that were playing but we had a good time, Ella had a good time and was so well behaved. After the show we drove home a less direct route and went to Estes Park and then through Rocky Mountain National park over Trailridge Rd. to get home. It was nice to find out that after dark you can go through the park for free (I mean, you can’t see anything anyway!) but for the down side, it was dark! That road is scary enough to drive in the day light, won’t be doing that again!
The next morning we all went up and went to breakfast with the idea of going out as a family for Ella’s first swim! Well, after breakfast Brad wasn’t feeling too well so it was just myself and Ella who ended up swimming, some friends of ours were there so I just had Brad drop me off and we got a ride home from them. At first, Ella was scared to death of swimming, I don’t know if it was the noise (inside pool seeing as how we’re in the Mountains.) or what but she was crying so hard. She stopped crying after a while but was just clinging to me the whole time. After about 30 minutes I was able to pull her claws out of my skin make some eye contact with her and let her know it was okay. After that she was still pretty unsure of it, but wasn’t crying continuously. Believe it or not, the only time she actually fully relaxed was when her back was in the water with my hands under her head and butt, she almost fell asleep that way! I was shocked that she wasn’t really a fan because this kid LOVES bath time. I’d like to keep taking her once a week so that she’ll get used to it and start to enjoy it.
And now for Mommy time! I get to go out tonight with other grown up women to go see Eclipse! Woo Hoo! Ella has been going to bed by 6:30 the last couple nights (and sleeping through the night, to boot!) and the movie starts at 7. So, daddy is going to stay home so that I can go to the movie. Even if she doesn’t go to sleep by the time I’m being picked up at 6:45, she is getting a little better at taking a bottle so Brad has that option with some milk that I have stored.
Speaking of milk storage, Ella is going to have to go to Daycare in November, I have got to start pumping so this kid can have breast milk while she’s there! I hate the cow feeling though! Blah!
Anyway, I will try to get some pictures added in to this post tomorrow so you can see Ella and Brad at the concert. And tomorrow is In The Photo Friday so I have to have Brad take some pictures of Ella and I. I said something to him about the possibility of him just grabbing the camera and getting better about taking candids of Ella and I, so far no luck.
Oh well, back to work. It’s been a CRAZY week, I’m sure I’ll get in to that at some point!

Now, I wish I had some photos of Ella & Me from this day, but, I don’t.

In the Photo Fridays – Week 4

As Ella and I were on our way to work this morning, I realized that both Brad and I had been lazy with the camera this week. Well, lucky for me, not only do I bring my camera with me pretty much every where I go (Just in case!), but I also have a very fun prop in my office. A couple of Christmas’ ago the girl who works over in the vehicle shop bought me a reflective Moon Cycles calendar, lucky for me when the year is over and you turn it around, it made a “fun house” mirror. Ha, here are my pictures from this morning.
And just for fun, a non – fun house picture.

Cute Video Overload!

So, as requested by a couple of different people, here are some videos of Ella. Both were taken tonight, 2 of her hanging out in her exersaucer playing with her “friends”, there is another one of Brad getting her to giggle, I’ll try to upload that one tomorrow. Cute stuff here people!