Got my new Camera!

So, before I went on my 5 week hiatus vacation I was talking about getting a new Camera. Well; I bought myself the one I was lusting over for Mother’s Day. I got the Nikon D5000 and oh my goodness am I glad I spent the money!
I’m sure you’ve noticed the massive amount of pictures I’ve been posting in the last few days, I think they look so much better then my old Point & Shoot and that’s just on the automatic setting. I’m in the process of learing about all the manual settings so I can take even better photographs of Miss Ella. I would also love to get some editing software so I can play around with the photos but that will be an “after I pay off the camera” expense.
All of my pictures of Ella from about 2 months on were so blurry because she started moving around so much more, now the camera keeps up with her and I LOVE all of the photos, hence why we have almost 600 of her since May alone when I got the camera!

Here are some of my favorite pictures with the new camera (Sorry, some might be blog repeats!):


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