Brad’s First Father’s Day

Sunday was Brads first Father’s Day. Ella let us sleep until about 7:30 and then she was ready to play! So, Daddy got up and he got a card from the dogs, a card from Me, and a card from Ella. For his gift we printed out every photo that we have taken of Ella and we’re getting him some photo albums. This ended up being about a thousand photos!
We got ready and took Brad out for breakfast; the place was PACKED but one of the perks of living in a small town is that you know everyone. So, the owner sent us upstairs to sit at a table with another family. We didn’t hear who they said it was so we were pleasantly surprised to get upstairs and see that it’s our friends who live just around the corner from us, their son is 1 day younger then Ella.
After breakfast, we all came home and were lazy until we took Brad out for Dinner. All in all, a very good way to spend Father’s Day.
Here are some pictures from the morning:

And here are the gifts:

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