Trying out Cereal & Ella’s love of cups

Well, we decided to start her on the cereal and she likes it so far. It’s a little messy but she likes it better every night. The first night she tolerated a few spoonfuls but was wanting to push it back out with her tongue, the 2nd night we didn’t heat the breast milk enough so she just wasn’t having it, the 3rd night I decided to pump and immediately mix it with the rice cereal so it would be the temperature that she was used to, Bingo! I pumped an ounce and a quarter and then mixed it with the cereal and she ate almost all of it, she loved it! Ella would even grab at the spoon and pull it to her mouth. Then last night was not so great, Brad had to work late so I was on my own. Ella was fussy because we didn’t leave work until later then normal and then we had to stop by the store to get something for dinner. So there I was trying to entertain a fussy baby while pumping. That for me = Big Fat Fail! I pumped an ounce and a quarter again but I mixed it with too much cereal so therefore it was thicker then the night before and she didn’t want to wait. So as I’m feeding her slightly too thick for her liking cereal she kept making these horrible retching sounds, would laugh, and then proceed to eat the cereal. But, she got tired fast and just wanted to nurse.

The other thing she is loving is taking sips out of a cup like a big girl! She thinks it is the coolest thing ever, sometimes she wants to get her tongue on top of the cup but then she gets it all over herself and the next time she is taking sips like a pro. Sometimes though she gets a little too excited, knocks the cup out of mommies hand, and my leg looks like this:
But she thought it was hillarious, of course. Now you know what comes next, right? Adorable pictures of Ella trying out cereal!

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