4 Month Check up & Stats

That’s right my baby girl is more than 4 months old! We went to her 4 month appointment on Monday and I was so excited to hear how big she’s gottne but I was dreading the shots!
As of Monday she weighed in at 13 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile), was 24 1/2″ long (50th percentile), and her head was 16 1/2″ around (75th percentile). Our pediatrician said she has a “perfect” growth pattern and she’s just a perfect baby. Yay! We already knew that but it’s good to be told every once in a while also. She watched as she rolled on to both sides from her back and was so excited when she saw how close she was to rolling belly to back. We told her about her rolling over at 11 weeks and she said that was lucky but it just shows how strong she is. Now is the time when she’ll start rolling over “for real” so be watchful for it.
We started talking about introducing solids and we told her about how Ella is just amazed with everything to do with eating. How she watches every bite you take, stares at & tries to get in to your plate. So, she said it was up to us but since she is 4 1/2 months old then we could start her with rice cereal (if we wanted or go straight to a veggie) or we could wait another month or so. I’ll post about that decision later! =) We continued talking and I mentioned that any time she’s sitting in my lap and I take a drink she is amazed, she just stares up at me and reaches for the cup, if a cup is in front of her she reaches for it and wants to chew on it. Our pediatrician so go ahead and “cup her”. More on that in the cereal post. Don’t you love all of my teasers?!
After all of our fun discussions came the dreaded shots, Daddy had to hold her down this time because I just couldn’t do it. Shot #1, no reaction! What, no crying no nothing! 2nd shot, there were tears, 3rd and 4th a little more crying but as soon as the 4th shot was done she was in my arms and nursing and didn’t cry any more. She’s my strong little girl, it still breaks my heart though to see her upset and crying, but it’s better for her in the long run.
She slept for a couple hours and then seemed fine (seemed being the key word) but there is a whole other post about the shot after math.
So that was her 4 month appointment, now I will leave you with a couple of her 4 month photos and the anticipation of the posts to follow. =)

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