2 Days after shots, all heck broke loose. . . . .

Wow, 3 posts in 1 day, I’m on a roll!
So, when Tuesday came around and Ella did excellent at work and didn’t seem too fussy over shots, I thought we were in the clear, boy was I wrong. Wednesday morning not 15 minutes after we got to work she pooped, hang out upstairs with the guys for a minute while she finishes pooping and I feel something warm and wet on the hand under her butt, blow out. Not just any blow out, down both legs, up her back (explain that one since she was sitting up?!), the onesie and pants were covered, but hardly anything in the diaper (explain that one, too!). Thankfully this was the last day of disposeable diapers that we had (had to buy some back home for traveling, of course the smallest pack they sell is $10 and 36 un-needed diapers!). Anyway, I immediately take her downstairs to change her, and this mother of the year only has a onesie in the diaper bag, no pants, so the poor kid has to run around pantless all day.
Then, the fussing started. Poor Ella was feeling the shots she kept grabbing at her little thighs and just wimpering which would then turn into sobbing, and then full out tears and screams. Heartbreaking! The only thing that would pacify her was nursing, she wanted to eat all. day. long! She didn’t want to sleep, but would fall asleep nursing only to wake up the second I put her down. She would then get fussy again about 10 minutes after “waking up” and would want to eat again about 30 minutes after she had finished eating! Talk about an exhausting day, let alone while trying to get work done too. At about 11 am (we get to work at 6:30 so this is 4 1/2 hours already) I felt so bad for her just grabbing her little thighs so I gave her some Tylenol in hopes that 1.) It would help the pain in her thighs, and 2.) that it would help her sleep a little.
Well, she stopped grabbing at her thighs after that but didn’t take her first real nap of the day until almost 2! Then she only slept for about 45 minutes! The only time she actually seemed satisfied with anything was when we got home and went for a walk with her in the carrier. My poor baby, she did not tolerate the pain well this time it seems. She’s getting better but now she has a cold, which she also got after her first round of shots, and so she’s pretty fussy since she cannot breathe that well.
Wednesday night Ella was out by 8 and I was asleep by 8:30, nursing constantly will take it out of you! Now, to make it up to those of you who made it through my post about poop and screaming, here are some Ella pictures from happier times. =)


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