Our little Blabber Mouth!

Just wanted to share this adorable video we took on Father’s Day, our little talker in action. (Please excuse the dorky content of Brad & I):


Someone (besides me!) loves Yams!!!

Our pediatrician told us that if Ella was doing okay with cereal then we could start introducing veggies into the cereal, 1 a week. Well, this week we mashed up some Yams and added in and this girl LOVES them! Here is my photographic evidence. =)

In The Photo Friday

So, here are a couple of pictures with me in them. The first one is our little Family from right before my sisters wedding last month.

And here is a picture of Ella and I from after our walk last night. We were rockin our cool sunglasses. =)

Great idea!

So a fellow blogger; Meredith over at La Buena Vida had this great idea for those of us who have recently had babies and aren’t quite “over joyed” with our bodies. I know I don’t have as many pictures as I would like with Ella and I, so her challenge is starting tomorrow every Friday until September 1st to post a picture of ourselves in our blogs. I’m in, this will give me a chance to get the pictures of myself and Ella that I know I’m going to love years down the road, whether I love my body or not in the pictures, I’ll have them for the memories.

Imagination Library

A friend of mine told me about something called “Imagination Library” right after Ella was born. Then, when we went to Ella’s 2 week check up with her pediatrician I saw a brochure and picked it up. Imagination Library is a program sponsored by Dolly Parton that sends books out to Children, a new book every month until their 5th Birthday, all for free. I signed Ella up for it immediately and while we were gone on vacation we received her first 2 books!
I’m so excited to see what next month’s book will be! If you want to see if the program is available in your area (it seems to be more for rural areas and less for big cities) go here: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
I know how much I enjoy watching Ella’s little face light up when we read to her, I thought others might like to know about this program as well. =)

Got my new Camera!

So, before I went on my 5 week hiatus vacation I was talking about getting a new Camera. Well; I bought myself the one I was lusting over for Mother’s Day. I got the Nikon D5000 and oh my goodness am I glad I spent the money!
I’m sure you’ve noticed the massive amount of pictures I’ve been posting in the last few days, I think they look so much better then my old Point & Shoot and that’s just on the automatic setting. I’m in the process of learing about all the manual settings so I can take even better photographs of Miss Ella. I would also love to get some editing software so I can play around with the photos but that will be an “after I pay off the camera” expense.
All of my pictures of Ella from about 2 months on were so blurry because she started moving around so much more, now the camera keeps up with her and I LOVE all of the photos, hence why we have almost 600 of her since May alone when I got the camera!

Here are some of my favorite pictures with the new camera (Sorry, some might be blog repeats!):

Brad’s First Father’s Day

Sunday was Brads first Father’s Day. Ella let us sleep until about 7:30 and then she was ready to play! So, Daddy got up and he got a card from the dogs, a card from Me, and a card from Ella. For his gift we printed out every photo that we have taken of Ella and we’re getting him some photo albums. This ended up being about a thousand photos!
We got ready and took Brad out for breakfast; the place was PACKED but one of the perks of living in a small town is that you know everyone. So, the owner sent us upstairs to sit at a table with another family. We didn’t hear who they said it was so we were pleasantly surprised to get upstairs and see that it’s our friends who live just around the corner from us, their son is 1 day younger then Ella.
After breakfast, we all came home and were lazy until we took Brad out for Dinner. All in all, a very good way to spend Father’s Day.
Here are some pictures from the morning:

And here are the gifts:

Laundry Day

Yesterday was laundry day, and Brad hung my clothesline outside for me.
All I have to say is. . . . . . .
. . . . . .Is that not the cutest load of baby laundry you’ve ever seen?!

2 Days after shots, all heck broke loose. . . . .

Wow, 3 posts in 1 day, I’m on a roll!
So, when Tuesday came around and Ella did excellent at work and didn’t seem too fussy over shots, I thought we were in the clear, boy was I wrong. Wednesday morning not 15 minutes after we got to work she pooped, hang out upstairs with the guys for a minute while she finishes pooping and I feel something warm and wet on the hand under her butt, blow out. Not just any blow out, down both legs, up her back (explain that one since she was sitting up?!), the onesie and pants were covered, but hardly anything in the diaper (explain that one, too!). Thankfully this was the last day of disposeable diapers that we had (had to buy some back home for traveling, of course the smallest pack they sell is $10 and 36 un-needed diapers!). Anyway, I immediately take her downstairs to change her, and this mother of the year only has a onesie in the diaper bag, no pants, so the poor kid has to run around pantless all day.
Then, the fussing started. Poor Ella was feeling the shots she kept grabbing at her little thighs and just wimpering which would then turn into sobbing, and then full out tears and screams. Heartbreaking! The only thing that would pacify her was nursing, she wanted to eat all. day. long! She didn’t want to sleep, but would fall asleep nursing only to wake up the second I put her down. She would then get fussy again about 10 minutes after “waking up” and would want to eat again about 30 minutes after she had finished eating! Talk about an exhausting day, let alone while trying to get work done too. At about 11 am (we get to work at 6:30 so this is 4 1/2 hours already) I felt so bad for her just grabbing her little thighs so I gave her some Tylenol in hopes that 1.) It would help the pain in her thighs, and 2.) that it would help her sleep a little.
Well, she stopped grabbing at her thighs after that but didn’t take her first real nap of the day until almost 2! Then she only slept for about 45 minutes! The only time she actually seemed satisfied with anything was when we got home and went for a walk with her in the carrier. My poor baby, she did not tolerate the pain well this time it seems. She’s getting better but now she has a cold, which she also got after her first round of shots, and so she’s pretty fussy since she cannot breathe that well.
Wednesday night Ella was out by 8 and I was asleep by 8:30, nursing constantly will take it out of you! Now, to make it up to those of you who made it through my post about poop and screaming, here are some Ella pictures from happier times. =)

Trying out Cereal & Ella’s love of cups

Well, we decided to start her on the cereal and she likes it so far. It’s a little messy but she likes it better every night. The first night she tolerated a few spoonfuls but was wanting to push it back out with her tongue, the 2nd night we didn’t heat the breast milk enough so she just wasn’t having it, the 3rd night I decided to pump and immediately mix it with the rice cereal so it would be the temperature that she was used to, Bingo! I pumped an ounce and a quarter and then mixed it with the cereal and she ate almost all of it, she loved it! Ella would even grab at the spoon and pull it to her mouth. Then last night was not so great, Brad had to work late so I was on my own. Ella was fussy because we didn’t leave work until later then normal and then we had to stop by the store to get something for dinner. So there I was trying to entertain a fussy baby while pumping. That for me = Big Fat Fail! I pumped an ounce and a quarter again but I mixed it with too much cereal so therefore it was thicker then the night before and she didn’t want to wait. So as I’m feeding her slightly too thick for her liking cereal she kept making these horrible retching sounds, would laugh, and then proceed to eat the cereal. But, she got tired fast and just wanted to nurse.

The other thing she is loving is taking sips out of a cup like a big girl! She thinks it is the coolest thing ever, sometimes she wants to get her tongue on top of the cup but then she gets it all over herself and the next time she is taking sips like a pro. Sometimes though she gets a little too excited, knocks the cup out of mommies hand, and my leg looks like this:
But she thought it was hillarious, of course. Now you know what comes next, right? Adorable pictures of Ella trying out cereal!