366 Days

1 year ago (yesterday) we learned of Ella’s existence. This was the happiest day of our lives until February 2, 2010. We now have an amazing little girl who is so smart and growing every day. I couldn’t feel any more blessed right now.



Sorry for the lack of posts, Ella, Brad, & I are on “Vacation” and so far it’s been a lot of running around. We’re getting ready now to go to my Brother-In-Law and my best friends wedding rehearsal. I’m so happy for them! Look for pictures from that later in the week. We also hosted my little sisters Bridal shower on Tuesday, I’ll do a picture post on that also. For now, here are a few pictures of Ella from our trip so far!
Tuckered out after our first Mothers day.
With cousins Emmaly & little Aiden
This is her currently next to me sleeping.
Well, we’re off to Mamaw’s to head over to the rehearsal, I’ll try to update more while we’re home! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thankful on Thursday!

Now, just from looking at this picture you must be thinking “What is she thankful about that for?!”
Well, I can look at this 2 ways, I can be thankful for the moisture because lord knows we can use it. But, the main reason that I am thankful even though it is dumping snow outside is because today is my last day of work before I get 5 weeks of vacation! Warmer weather here we come!
2 other things that I am extremely thankful for are my gorgeous daughter and my wonderful husband (Even though he is the definition of Butt Head right now! Oh yeah, I said it!):

I Did it!

After much research I broke down and bought a new camera! I went with the Nikon D5000 and I cannot wait to pick it up! On Saturday, this baby is mine! And I can’t wait because as each day passes I get more and more frustrated with my point and shoot. Woo Hoo, Happy Mother’s Day to me! Speaking of which I wonder what Brad and Ella are going to get me. =)
In other news, after today I only have 1 full day of work left before I get my 5 weeks of vacation! I am so ready, I know Ella is too. So Friday will be spent packing and then Saturday we’re off to visit the family! Yay!

3 months already!

So, my baby girl hit the 3 month mark yesterday! It was gross & snowed all day of course, but we had fub just hanging out inside. I did tons of laundry, Brad & Ella napped, and we all played in between. =)
Here are some of her 3 month pics. . . . .

And here is from a few days ago, her first cloth diaper. So cute!