Bored @ Work and Maybe some new followers. . . . .

:::Warning::: This post is probably going to be one big, long, ramble. My mind is going in a million different directions and it’s hard to get a handle on. Remember, you’ve been warned!
So, here is my view from my window this morning . . . . .

Not quite the motivator that I’m needing! My mind is numb from working on the FY11 budget, and to top it all off I just got an e-mail that our crib was recalled! Yuck!
On a more positive note, it’s Friday! Brad and I have plans to take Ella and head down to Denver in the morning. It’s just running a bunch of errands but we’ll probably go have a nice lunch somewhere. We have to go pick up a few things that we still need for our trip home next week. I’m so excited to be away from work for 5 weeks!
So, I’m currently having complete camera envy. I love my little point and shoot camera, it does well with most things. . . . . . but I am in desperate need desire of an SLR so that I can capture more moments of Ella that don’t end with “Damn, I missed it again!” because our camera is slow! The 2 that I am coveting are the Sony Alpha A230L and the Canon Rebel T1i. They are both ridiculously expensive but I can’t help thinking about all of the memories I’m missing because of my dumb camera, is this a credit card worthy purchase? I obviously can’t afford to buy it outright when just coming off of maternity pay.
We’re getting ready to try out our cloth diapers for the first time. I’m so sick of throwing away all of the disposables. I’m really hoping that the cloth diapering works out for us. Ella is getting some chubby little legs and I hate, hate, HATE, seeing the little red marks on them when changing her diapers. On to Ella, she is getting such the adorable personality. She talks so much and she just lights up when she sees her daddy. When we go over to our friends Darren & Alicia’s for dinner, she is just in love with their son Kasen (and the feeling’s mutual). He’ll be talking to her in her stroller and she just stares at him and coos, it’s adorable! As I said the other day she likes to shove things in her mouth now. . . . .
Like towels. . . . .
. . . . .her Sophie. . . . .
. . . and her favorite, her hand, with anything in it, especially sleepers!
Now, I’d like to say a quick Hello to any new followers I might have or might get in the next few days. I put our link up on a blog with something called Friday Follow. I know I LOVE reading other Mom’s blogs and so I’m hoping some others will enjoy reading mine as well!
Okay, I’m going to get back to work now, =(. Haha, hopefully our internet at home will be working this weekend and I can post Ella’s 3 month pictures! If not look for a post on Tuesday. =)

6 thoughts on “Bored @ Work and Maybe some new followers. . . . .

  1. Hi! Poppin' in from Friday Follow to be your newest Follower! Have a wonderful weekend and pop by my blog if you get a chance. I love new followers! 🙂 Bridgette GroschenThe Groschen Goblins

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