My little girl is 12 weeks old!

That’s right, in less then a week she’ll be 3 months old already! She is the most amazing little girl and I cherish every minute with her! She has started picking things up and bringing them to her mouth recently, and man does she love to squeal when she gets excited! She is so talkative and I just love every “word” that comes out of her mouth!
I think she’s going through her 3 month growth spurt a little early, she has started eating more (again! The boobs never seem to get a break!) and this past week she’s been waking up during the night for feedings. I wish that our pediatricians office did every month well visits, I would like an accurate weight on her for 3 months.
Ella still does well at work for which I am thankful, I’m able to actually get some work done. And speaking of work, I’m trying to figure out some ways to earn extra money without having to work at an actual second job. I’ve been doing some crafts and I want to open a “store” on Etsy, I’ve found a company that sells great childrens books that I could become a rep for, and I’ve also found a gorgeous Jewelry company that I could do Jewelry parties for. I’m quite interested in doing all of those things and the only one that has any start up cost is the Jewelry company but that’s because you get to pick out Jewelry to show. If I did this would anyone around here be interested in hosting a Jewelry party?
Fun story; yesterday we had to take the dogs to the vet to get their shots. This was to be the first car trip with Ella and the dogs (The dogs, I am happy to say did EXCELLENT!) but Ella thought it was the funniest thing that her furry friends were in the car with her. I sat in the back with her (just in case) and it was like watching a tennis match, her eyes would just got back and forth between Cody and Cassidy and then she would get this huge grin on her face and just squeal! It was so cute!
It’s amazing looking at how far Ella has come in 3 short months. She can do so many things, it’s fascinating watching her grow and hit new milestones every day. We were at a Memorial service the other day and one of our friends wives (who works with Children all over the country with language development) said that her vocal skills for not even being 3 months old are far ahead of where the “standard” is. I was so excited to her that, just goes on to support this proud mommas completely unbiased opinion that my daughter is a genius!
Anyway, I’ll post what you all come here for now, the pictures!

Kasen wanted in on some Tummy Time
And let me know if anyone would be interested in a Jewelry party, if there’s some interest I just might sign up. =0)

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