My baby girl is 11 weeks old!

Today is Ella’s 11 week birthday, who knew that time could go so fast?!
She has already done so many things, she’s been on 2 airplane rides, to a professional baseball game, had pink eye (not the most exciting thing she’s done, haha!). All of the guys at work just love her!
To answer my 1 and only question: Yes, I am unfortunately back at work. I miss being able to spend the day at home, alone, with my daughter. I do get to bring her with me to work though. Her Pack N Play sits in my office and she can sleep through anything the guys are doing out in the shop (i.e. right now there is some MAJOR hammering going on and she is OUT). During my break times we do tummy time and while I’m trying to get some work done she is quite content in her bouncy chair for pretty decent periods of time. She gets tons of visitors coming to meet her every day and as I said all of the guys at work love her, and I am getting good at doing things with 1 hand while she is nursing. =) I am VERY lucky to be able to do this and I am thankful for every day that she isn’t in day care.
We had a rough day yesterday, Ella woke up with Pink eye in the left eye after her right had been clear for 2 days. We got up, gave her the drops, and went to work like normal. Her eye though was so much worse then the right had been though. It seemed like evey time I got all of the “goop” out, 5 minutes later it would be all goopy again. We went home at about noon so that she could be comforted like she needed to be and we went to take a shower (yes together, pedi reccomended and she had been loving them) well, this time she screamed bloody murder through the whole thing and was pretty much inconsolable afterwards. When we went to the Dr. last Wednesday she was shocked that Ella didn’t have an ear infection to go along with her cold and pink eye, she bet me we’d be back in by Friday. Well, Friday came and went, she seemed normal, Saturday and Sunday she was a little more fussy then usual but nothing crazy. So, yesterday when she was so upset over everything I was convinced she had the dreaded ear infection. We called and got her an appointment right away. To my relief, NO ear infection! Woo Hoo and Hallelujah for the powers of breast feeding! Our Pedi is convinced that is the only thing that was fending off the infection. She’s just fussy because she hasn’t been able to breathe well for a week thanks to the cold. So, we left with a script for some infant cold medicine (which of course in our small town isn’t kept in stock at the pharmacy so they had to order it!) so we’ll pick that up this afternoon and she should be all better soon! And we are now at 3 1/2 days with no blood in her diapers! And her stools (sorry if tmi!) are even less watery! She also isn’t struggling as much when she poops. Woo Hoo! I told this to our pedi yesterday and she was elated that stopping the tea worked and said to stay off of dairy, nuts, and eggs, for another week just to give her little tummy some time to heal a little more and then I could have it all again! Yay! And, even though I’m off the tea I haven’t noticed a lack in my supply. I just have to keep on top of my water intake (I’m staying at about 96-128 oz a day!) and we’ve been fine. What a relief!   
I’m quite happy at the weight Ella is gaining, she was right at 11 lbs yesterday! I can’t believe how big she’s getting! She’s growing up right before my eyes! Even while she’s been sick she’s been sleeping through the night like a champ. I know for a fact that I want more kids some day; but I’m definitley scared to since she’s been such a good baby.
Ella has been drooling quite a bit recently and any time she can get her hands on something she will pull it up to her mouth and start chewing on it, a sign of teething maybe? So, I have heard amazing things about Sophie The Giraffe and I want to get her one, I think she’ll love it! She has a teething ring and some rattles that she likes to put in her mouth but they seem a little hard for her right now, I think this will be perfect!
Well my little angel is waking up so I’ll leave you with what you really came for, pictures of the gorgeous one!

Meeting Aunt Sara
Meeting her Great Grandma Wisley
Meeting Aunt Faythe
I wish I had a picture of her meeting her Uncle Ben (my twin brother) but all of those pictures were taken with my moms camera!
With her cousin Devon
Meeting her Grandpa
Meeting her other Uncle Ben
Meeting Uncle Brian
Meeting Aunt Kati
With her cousins Maely & Graedan
With Mommy at her first Rockies Game
More Rockies
Well, that’s all for now, I’ll try to update soon! I need to get better at updating so you can all watch her grow along with me!

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