Where did time go?

Ella is already 10 1/2 weeks old, been on 2 plane trips, and now has had her first illness. Her pink eye is pretty much gone already, the cold we are still working on and it just has to work its way out of her system since we can’t really give her anything for it. Our pediatrician was surprised that she didn’t have an ear infection to go along with her cold and pink eye, she pretty much guarateed we’d be back in by today. So far, no super fussy baby or anything that would indicate that she has an ear infection. When we went to the Dr. on Wednesday she was up to 10 lbs 11 oz, I wish I could lose weight as quickly as she seems to be gaining.
WARNING::::Maybe way TMI!
When Ella was 1 day away from being 5 weeks old I noticed some blood in one of her poopy diapers. I freaked out and called the pediatrician and they said it probably wasn’t a big deal, to keep an eye on things and if she was still having blood in her diapers then to lay off of dairy products. I noticed more blood so I cut dairy out of my diet (anyone who knows me knows this is the worst thing to ever happen! haha) well, still bloody stools. So at her 2 month appointment I was told to be super strict with my diet, NO Dairy, no nuts, and no eggs. Yikes! After 3 weeks of that I was supposed to bring in a sample diaper and we’d go from there. Well when we were at home last week I noticed a lot less blood and a lot less often. When we got back, the blood was back. I started thinking to what the heck I did differently, Tea! When Ella was about 4 1/2 weeks old I noticed a dip in my milk supply so I started drinking an organic tea to help boost your supply. While I was at home I didn’t drink as much of the tea and then on Monday when we were back I had 4 cups in a day (You’re supposed to drink 3-5, at home I was drinking 1 a day) and Monday night – Tuesday morning she had 2 super bloody stools in a row. The last cup I had was on Monday night and now she is pretty much blood free, a little trace here and there but it’s still working out of our systems. Why it took me 5 weeks to see the correlation, I don’t know, but I’m just glad we figured it out, hopefully!
Yesterday Ella went to her first Colorado Rockies game, she loved it so much that she slept through most of it. =) (I’ll post pictures tomorrow, they’re on Brad’s camera.)  Ella has a new cousin! Aiden was born on Monday the 12th (1 of less the 5% of babies actually born on their due date!) and she is adorable! She’ll always be the cutest 10-week-younger-then-Ella little girl out there. =) Congrats Daniel & Emmaly!
Well sleeping Beauty just woke up and it’s impossible to type while nursing. So I’m going to post pictures (a much easier 1 handed task!) And I will try to post some more tomorrow! Anyone have any questions for me or anything they want to know about Ella or our/my life in general? Leave a comment & I’ll be sure to answer in the next post! On to the pictures!

2 months old!!
With all of her Easter goodies!
Go on, admit it. . . . . . . cutest picture EVER!!!
I love her little toes sticking out!
Okay, tomorrow (or Sunday) I’ll post pictures of Ella meeting her Indiana family! And don’t forget to leave comments with any questions you might have for us!

2 thoughts on “Where did time go?

  1. She sure has herself some hair. Have you gone back to work full time yet and does Ella go to work too??? Also, I'll be home for Memorial Day…can't wait to see you!

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