It’s been a while!

What an exciting week! Ella hit the 7 week mark (and now that I’m getting around to writing she’s already almost 8 weeks old!)
My mom flew out last week to spend some time with us for her spring break and we had a GREAT time! Sunday night to Monday morning Ella slept through the night for the first time! I woke up at about 4:30 freaking out and had to make sure she was breathing, she was of course. Then she woke up with Daddy’s alarm at 6 AM! She slept from 9:30-6! It was amazing! Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday nights she woke up once during the night, but now for the last 3 nights she has slept through the night again! She’s such a good girl!
Brad flew down to New Orleans for a guys trip on Monday morning so my mom and I crafted all week, Ella enjoyed every minute! Monday we went down to Denver where it was absolutely gorgeous and pretty much bought out Joann Fabrics. Haha, I’m making Ella some Tutus, I’ve knitted her 3 hats this week, got the material to make her a Tag blanket, my mom and I worked on an aodrable birth announcement for her, we just went nuts.
Ella has started really following you around the room with her eyes, she holds her head up like a seasoned pro, and she is over all just such a good baby! I cannot believe how big she is getting and how much she grows and seems to learn every day. I can’t wait for her first Easter, I went a little nuts at Borders buying books to fill up her basket. She’s also getting a mirror to hang on her crib because she is amazed by mirrors, and she’s getting a little stuffed groundhog that I found and loved! We took her to see the Easter bunny, she was not extremely excited about this! Haha!
On the weight front, a couple days ago I was down to 161! Only 6 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight! Now I just need to be able to start working out so that I can lose the weight faster and actually get back in to shape!
As for some other new thoughts, I’m thinking about making the switch to cloth diapers. Any opinions? I just cannot stand throwing away all of these diapers! They fill up the landfills and are just SO ridiculously expensive! Where as cloth diapers are a little expensive of an up front cost they are so much better for the environment and are so much nicer then they used to be!


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