5 Weeks Old Already!

My little girl is getting so big!
She holds her head up like a champ. Sometimes she’ll fall asleep after nursing and I’ll go to put her on my chest to burp her, I’ll think she’s asleep and then BAM her head pops up and she’s staring me right in the face for quite a while. Brad got to experience that this morning, he enjoyed it.
She is smiling so much more often during the day now and responds a lot to our voices. If we aren’t right in front of her she can tell where the voice is coming from and will start looking at you. So cute!
This morning we hit a milestone, she’s no longer in Newborn sized diapers. I had been questioning how tight they were getting for a couple days and now she is officially in size 1’s! This doesn’t really surprise me as she eats ALL. THE. TIME!
She’s starting to wake up so I’ll post a picture now (I think she’s going through a growth spurt, she’s been up since 6:30 and has only been napping for about 20 minutes! Now it’s tiem to eat again.)


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