How is it possible?

How is it possible to love someone so much in one second? Minute? Hour? Day? Week? And now a month?! How is it possible that a month has gone by already!? My baby girl is a month old today!
The past month has gone by so quickly and she is so advanced (I’m not biased at all!). She can already hold her head up on her own for quite a long period of time, this amazes everyone that sees it. She’s already pushing up with her legs and pushing off of me with her arms, she’s such a strong little girl! She nurses like a champ and that is such an incredible experience. I LOVE having that bonding time with her. I am happy (and incredibly lucky!) to announce that Ella has never spit up. (Knock on wood, eh?!) She used to be horribly gassy and would need Mylicon drops constantly but as she’s getting older she has started being able to burp (oh yes, this baby would not burp for anything!) but still has never spit up. Woo Hoo!
We weighed her last night on our home scale and she is up to right around 9 lbs. We need to measure her but I’d guess she is at least 21 1/2 inches now, she’s growing like a little weed. She is awake and alert for most of the day now, she loves her bouncy seat and her swing.
I love reading to her and watching her eyes get bigger as I change my voice. So far, she seems to love the pictures in Goodnight Moon. I think it’s her favorite so far. My favorite to read to her is “I’ll Love You Forever” but I still can’t get through it without a couple tears. =)
Daddy likes to call her Squirrel. She puts both of her hands up by her mouth and nibbles at them, that’s where that came from. I call her Munchkin or Poop Machine, seriously, this kid rivals her Dad. Haha Cassidy loves her and is always wanting to smell her, Cody loves her too and gets quite excited and licks her head. Rocky is getting more outgoing and will jump up in my lap while we’re nursing, sniff her, and jump right back off. And Lucy, or satan, has a maternal side. If Ella is crying in the morning and Brad and I don’t get to her quick enough, Lucy will be up on the bed whining to let me know that Ella is upset. It’s actually quite cute!

And here is my 1 month post partum belly pic:
Not too bad, I’m getting smaller. I actually only have 11 lbs left to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
I started at 155, at L&D I was 195. I’m currently at 166 with a weight goal of getting down to at least 140 if not 135. I have 2 more weeks until I can start working out and I’m giving myself a year (I’m being realistic) to get to my weight goal. So on Ella’s first birthday (crazy to say!) I will hopefully be at least 140 if not 135 lbs.
My incision feels a little better every day and I’m a little less sore every day. I go for my 6 week check up on the 16th (Which is exactly 6 weeks) and should get clearance to get life back to normal. Except for working out, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a slacker when it comes to working out. But, I have 2 bridesmaid dresses that I have to fit into in May, so I need to lose the pooch. =)
 Hope everyone has been doing well!

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