Grrrr. . . . .

I HATE stupid people!
So, yesterday they picked up the machine at 3 PM when we had thought it would be a lot earlier then that and we would get the results later in the day. Well then when they picked it up they told us they woulf fax the results to the pediatrician first thing in the morning. Well I expected a call once the office opened letting us know the results, 9, 10, 11, all came and went. I figured I’d give them until noon and then I would call and ask for the results. I call at noon, they are closed until 1:30 for lunch. I call at 1:30, they hadn’t received anything from the oxygen company they’d try to get the results and give me a call back. I waited for 2 hours and then called again at 3:30 (seeing as how the office closes at 4). They haven’t received anything from them but if I want to call the oxygen company and see if I can get them to fax them the results that would be okay. Seriously?!
So, I call the oxygen company they take down all of my contact info and she said she’d figure it out and fax them the results. About 10 minutes later my phone rings it’s the oxygen company. The guy had faxed the results to the wrong number (Um, HIPPA anyone?!) but she would fax the results right then (it was now 10 till 4) and did I have their fax #? Um, nope. So I gave the company that does business with the pediatricians office all the time the office phone number so that they could get the fax #.
I waited until 5 till 4 to call and make sure that the ped’s office had received the fax, they didn’t answer the phone. So now we have to wait until tomorrow to find out the results. I don’t think this is good business practice on either business. I’m quite frustrated with the whole thing! So now we have to wait until tomorrow and will HOPEFULLY finally be able to find out the results and keeping our fingers crossed Ella will be able to get rid of the oxygen.
You can bet I’ll be on the phone right at 9!


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