So Cute!!

So, here is a video of Ella in her bouncy seat, she seems to love her little woodland creature friends. Haha!I hope you guys enjoy! And, now that Ella and I are starting to get into a nice routine of our own I will try to update more! She is such a great baby! Also, she did her overnight oxygen test last night. They just picked up the machine at about 3 pm here and will fax the results to our pediatrician first thing in the morning. Please say prayers and keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get a call in the morning saying she is done with oxygen. The only time we noticed that she dipped below 88% (and she was barely ever down to 88% she was mostly in the mid 90’s! Yay!) was when she was nursing and would hold her breath. When we first laid her down to sleep there were a couple 100%’s (big Yay!) and like I said mostly in the mid 90’s every time we looked while she was sleeping. So, we’re hoping we’re in the clear. If she gets off of her oxygen tomorrow we’re going to have a friend of ours who is a photographer take some pictures of her next week so we can get her birth announcements ordered and sent out.


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