My 2 week check up

I had my 2 week check up on Wednesday, everything is going well. My BP was 90/66, crazy, and after just having eaten and having real shoes on my weight at the office was 176. This morning when I weighed myself after nursing, peeing, and in my PJs sans slippers I was at 168, woo hoo!
My incision is healing well so I don’t need to be seen again until 6 weeks post partum. The Dr. read us the pathology reports from the c-section and it’s a damn good thing we went for the c-section. My placenta was getting an infection from my membranes being ruptured for so long which; if I would have continued laboring on my own, very quickly could have passed on to Ella. Thank goodness we got her out of there! Also there was some meconium staining on the placenta that implicates that she had a bowel movement long before delivery for it to have stained, VERY good thing she didn’t swallow any. She was so far down the birth canal though that it wasn’t getting to her.
Some quick things about Ella, we got to turn her oxygen level down on Tuesday, from 1/16 of a liter per minute to 1/32 lpm. Also, the oxygen company is bringing the testing machine by on Tuesday so hopefully she’ll be able to come off of her oxygen altogether on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly the pediatricians are given the results.
We had good visits with both Grandmas and are now ready to get in to our own routine. It has been a very hectic week for miss Ella so hopefully we can get her on a good schedule now without all of the Dr.’s appointments and trips to the airport that keep her in her car seat for so long!
I’ll post pictures soon, I’m trying to now but our internet SUCKS, so I’m not able to! I will tonight, it always works better at night!


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