2 Week Appointment. . . . .

This morning Ella had her 2 week check up. Things went 97% great! 1% of the not so great was that we left with her still on oxygen! Urgh! She was up in the high 90’s while she was awake and in the low 90’s for the most part while she was sleeping. She had a couple times when she dipped below 88% and that’s what kept her on the oxygen. They called in a prescription to the oxygen company to bring us one of the machines that measures the oxygen to our house. We keep it pn her while she’s sleeping for 4-6 hours and the company faxes the results to our pediatrician. If her levels stay above 88% for 90% of the time then she can come off the oxygen. Hopefully we will hear from the company in the next day or so, we want her off the oxygen, she hates the tubes and pulls at them all the time!
The other 2% of not great was when they had to prick her heel to take blood! She was asleep on my lap from doing the oxygen test and the girl just came in and pricked her poor little heel, she woke up just screaming! Her face turned read and the painful screams were horrible. I had a couple tears but had to fight hard not to start just bawling. I felt so bad for her! I’m not going to do too good when it’s time for shots!
The rest of the appointment went pretty well. Our little girl is perfectly healthy, we just need her oxygen levels to go up. Once again I have to say it, stupid altitude! The same girl that did her heel prick did her measurements and didn’t stretch her out very well because she charted her as only being 20 1/2 inches When she was 20 3/4″ at birth and 21″ last week. Oh well, 20 1/2″ puts her in the 50th percentile and I looked up online and if she’s still at 21″ (I bet she’s grown in a week!) then she in the 70th percentile. She weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile, and her head was 15″ in circumfrence which is in the 90th percentile! Maybe she’ll be tall and skinny like I used to be before I got pregnant! Haha.

I’ll post more pictures later, Ella had her first tummy time session today!



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