Quick update

First of all Happy Valentine’s day!
This will just be quick, we’re getting ready to run to Safeway to get some stuff to make our Valentine’s dinner. =)
Ella is getting so big so fast! I can’t believe how fast time with her seems to go, I want it to slow down! She lost her umbilical cord stub last night between midnight and 4 am. She slept for those 4 hours straight. She is just amazing, and she LOVES sleeping in her swing.
I am happy to report that I am losing weight! Yay! We bought a scale on Thursday so that I could know where I was at. My starting, or pre-pregnancy, weight was 155, I got all the way up to 195. This morning I was down to 171! Woo Hoo, down 24 lbs already and only 16 to get me back to pre-preg weight and then I would like to lose a few more vanity lbs. Haha
Things are going amazingly well with Ella, she had a couple rough days and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. She would keep her little legs pulled up tight and just cry. We started feeling gas bubbles in her tummy. We knew she hadn’t been burping, it is impossible to get this kid to burp! So we went out and got some mylicon drops and wow, it is a complete 180. She is so happy and alert all the time and she sleeps so well!
Anyway, I’m going to get us all ready to go! I’ll leave you with some pictures from this morning.


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