1 Week old already!

I cannot believe that a week has already gone by! Like I posted yesterday she is already growing so much! This next week is going to be so much fun! My mom flies in on Thursday morning and will be here until Monday night. About an hour after she flies out Brads mom flies in and is here until the following Thursday. So, this week Ella gets to meet both of her Grandmas! I can’t wait, she’s just perfect and they’re going to LOVE her! Duh.
Brad is going back to work on Friday. He would like to take more time off now but he knows that my mom will be here to help and would rather have the time saved up in case of emergencies. I understand, it just sucks, I want him to be able to see his daughter as much as possible during this time.
I think Ella is on the brink of a growth spurt, she has been cluster feeding for the last 2 days. She just never seems satisfied until I’ve swapped her back and forth at least 2 ttimes per side. I’m glad she’s growing but man is it exhausting! We’ve been putting her in sleep sacks every night and it’s so cute because everything is still so HUGE on her, so you get her in an item that is good up to 3 months when she fits perfectly in newborn sizes and she just swims, it’s so cute!
Today our friend Rachel stopped by to meet her and then later in the day our other friends Conrad and Jill, she was nursing while Rachel was here so it was just a quick visit but She was actually awake and somewhat alert while Conrad and Jill were here. I love showing her to people, she’s just so cute and I’m so proud of her. Just the fact that she’s here I’m proud of.
The first few days home have actually gone pretty well. The lack of sleep is not nearly as bad as the horror stories, and you get through it because it just needs to be done. We haven’t had to use any supplemental milk in the last couple days, I’ve been producing enough that she’s usually had enough after nursing but if we do need to give her a bottle then we are able to use my milk from pumping. So I think my milk has come in even though that isn’t as bad as people have said either. I’m HOPING that I just jinxed myself and I wake up completely engorged tonight. I just want to know that I’m producing enough to keep her going on my own. Her 2 week check up is actually right on her 2 week birthday so hopefully she’s more then surpassed her birth weight by then.
Brad and I both love to just sit and stare at her while she’s sleeping. The oxygen that she’s on dries her little nose out so we’ve been elevating her while she sleeps but we’ve also been letting her fall asleep intentionally while we’re holding her and it’s hard to put her down once she’s asleep, you just can’t help staring at her.
Well, I’m going to go get in a shower while I can, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of her from this morning as well as my 1 week post partum pictures. I hope my swelling goes down a little more soon!

Not sure what my current weight is, I want to buy a scale so I can keep track of my weight loss as well as Ella’s weight gain. I know I lost over 7 1/2 lbs of baby plus the other stuff, who knows.


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