Birth story. . . .

On Monday February 1st I woke up at 3 AM contracting. Not normal contractions though, I was in like a 30 minute long constant contraction. I got up to pee, and chugged some water. That helped space the contractions out to about 3 minutes a part. When Brad went to work I told him that I was contracting and would probably be calling him in a couple hours to come home.
After he left I got in the bath tub and took a nice warm bath, I could not feel the contractions at all while I was in the tub so I sent Brad a text saying I thought it was a false alarm. As soon as I got out they were back again and still at exactly 3 minutes a part. I got up and started walking the hallway and doing laps around our living room, this actually slowed the contractions down to about 5-6 minutes a part but still a steady pattern. After about an hour of this they were starting to get more intense, I called my mom and let her know that I thought I was in labor and then I called my Dr. to let them know what was happening. He said since they were picking up in intensity and had started out so close together that I should get Brad home and start heading for the hospital. This sucked since I had wanted to labor at home for longer. I called Brad who came home immediately, I had to remind hime when I called to drive the speed limit.
The drive to the hospital wasn’t horrible, it took longer then expected, about 2 hours, since there was snow on the pass and the roads were kind of crappy until we got to the other side. We got to the hospital at right about 12:30, they checked me in immediately and I got straight in to a room. They checked me and after contracting for 9 1/2 hours already I was only dilated to 1 1/2 cm. My BP was a little high (130/92) so I had to stay in bed and be monitored for an hour and wait for blood work to come back. Being in bed on my back SUCKED and during the ride down the contractions had gotten to 2-3 minutes a part and were staying that way, being on my back didn’t help. At about 1:15 my water broke on its own and the contractions really started picking up in intensity. The nurse came back in to let me know that my blood work was clean and so I could start walking if I wanted to. We got up and walked the halls for an hour and then I had to go back on the monitors for 20 minutes. After that we got up and walked some more and then I felt the need to sit because the contractiong were coming so close together while I was walking. Since I was sitting they put me back in bed and on the monitors. The contractions were coming 1-1 1/2 minutes apart and were off the top of the chart. At that point it was about 5:30 and I asked to be checked again. 3 CM, after 4 hours of walking and having been in labor for 14 1/2 hours with my water broken for 5, I had only dilated to 3 cm. At that point I got in the tub to see if it would work like that morning and take the edge off, no luck. I was still contracting every minute and I could barely breathe through them. I sat in there for an hour and at that point I just had no energy left, I threw my birth plan out the window and ordered the epidural. Heaven!
I was checked again at 7 when the shift change happened (thank goodness for the shift change becuase up until then I’d had the nurse from hell! This new nurse was AMAZING!) and I was still at 3 cm. She started coming in every 2 hours to take my vitals (which you’re supposed to do once your water breaks, and the other nurse didn’t check me once!) and at about 9:30 I was at 4 cm, Progress! At 11:30 I had dilated to 5 cm, things were finally moving along! Not!
I stalled at 5 cm, every 2 hours when they would come to check me I was still at 5 cm. At about 5 in the am she asked if it was okay to start pitocin. Even though I couldn’t feel them I was still contracting every 1-1 1/2 minutes and pretty intensely and I wasn’t getting anywhere. They wanted to start the pitocin to try to regulate the contractions a little bit and hopefully make some progress. Not even 10 minutes after they started the pitocin my door flew open and 4 nurses and the Dr all came in. Ella’s heart rate had dropped and been really low for 3 minutes straight. They immediately stopped the pitocin and put me on oxygen. Her heart rate came back up, thank goodness. They decided to let me labor on my own for a while longer. At about 7 AM they came in with the new Dr (the one both Brad and I liked best all along) and he checked me, still at 5 cm. Stalled at 5 cm for 8 hours!
He gave us some options: 1) We could try the pitocin again, which he did not want to do. If her heart rate dropped again we would have an emergency c-section, me completely out and Brad wouldn’t be allowed in the room.
2) They could continue to let me labor on my own but with how intense and consistent my conractions were, and with the fact that I had been in labor for 28 hours already, they were very nervous about the chance of uterine rupture.
3) We could make the decision to go ahead and have a c-section so we could get her out and wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Brad and I had already been talking about this option for the last 2 hours and wanted the Dr.’s opinion on it, so this made up our minds.
We decided to have the c-section for both my and Ellas safety.
I signed the consent for the c-section at 7:54. Everything happened quickly after that. The anesthesiologist (SP?) came in to give me the spinal, I got my belly shaved, Brad was given scrubs, and off we went. At 8:59 AM our little princess came in to the world. 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long, full head of hair, and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
This definitely didn’t go along with my natural birth plan but I would do it all over again for her!


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