Our first days back home

So, we got to come home yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness. Sleeping, although interrupted, is so much nicer in your own bed.
So, yesterday morning the Dr. and Pediatrician came in to check me and Ella out and we got the okay to come home. After what seemed like FOREVER the nurse finally came in to go through all of our discharge paperwork and we were okay to leave. Before we left the hospital we went over to the Denver Milk Bank and were able to purchase some donor milk so that I can keep supplementing until my milk comes in better, more on that later. So about an hour into our drive home I realized (and freaked out) that I had set down all of my paperwork right before heading in to the parking garage and just left it sitting there. My prescription for pain killers, all of the discharge paperwork, Ella’s birth certificate (!!!) with her little foot prints on it. I immediately called the hospital to see if anyone had turned it in, nope. I was convinced someone was running around with my prescription and had just trashed the other papers. I was so sad but I was able to get ahold of the Dr. and get a new prescription.
We had to call the Pediatricians office on the way home because at some point during the day we needed to take Ella in for an oxygen check. About 90% of babies up here have to be on oxygen for some amount of time up here so it’s a normal thing to do. Her appointment wasn’t until 2 so we were able to go home, feed her, and introduce her to the animals. Cody and Cassidy LOVE her.  They were quite excited at first and now it’s like they are here just to protect her, any thoughts they had before are out the window. If she cries, one or both of them are right at the Pack N Play seeing what is wrong. If she starts really crying Cassidy gets this sad look on her face and just cries along with her. They both take turns sleeping by her crib at night, it’s adorable.
But anyway, back to the Dr.’s. Ella did not want to be hooked up to anything else, she was MISERABLE from the moment they started hooking her up to the machine, and it was just a band that went around her foot. In the end she was SO close to not having to wear oxygen, they like to see babies up above 90% and she was steadily at 88-89%! So, for now she has to wear oxygen 24/7 and it doesn’t seem to bother her, when she gets upset about something she’ll pull at the tubes but that isn’t often. We go back on Monday for her normal newborn appointment and they’ll re-check her levels then. Hopefully she’ll be done and not have to wear it anymore, but if she still needs it for a few more days the oxygen supply company (I guess that’s what you would call them) came by today and we have plenty that we hopefully won’t have to use.
After the appointment Ella was pretty much inconsolable, even the car ride didn’t really calm her down. It wasn’t until we got home that she finally settled down a bit and was able to eat and get back to bed.
It’s quite frustrating having to supplement after every feeding, knowing that you can’t quite give her what she needs. I’m glad I don’t have to use formula but I still hate using someone elses’ milk. But, I have been pumping after every feeding and I’m starting to produce a little more at a time and the amount that we supplement seems to have a little less eaten from it after I feed her. I love when it’s time to feed her, she has these gorgeous grey blue eyes that just stare right in to you. She is just so amazing and such a blessing.
Brad seems to be having a little trouble with the lack of sleep, I think I’m still running on adrenaline because it hasn’t phased me much. But he is so amazing with her. He’ll just stand over her crib and watch her sleep, and when I’m feeding her he’ll come over and just talk to her, or laugh at her little expressions. He helps with the supplemental feedings also, it gives them their bonding time. It’s amazing to watch and it just melts my heart every time he interacts with her, and he’s already wrapped around her little finger. I’ll try to write out my full birth story in a few days, I want to get it all written down so I don’t forget it. But now, here is what you all came for, some Ella pictures! =)

Here is Brads first poopy diaper, he is a pro by the way at diaper changes!
My boss stopped by on Wednesday and the resort made Ella this little name tag. =)
A very proud daddy!
Our sleepy little girl!
“What are you doing dad?”
Her first time in her own clothes!
Isn’t she adorable?!
Getting ready to head home.
Right after a feeding, see what I mean about those eyes?!
There will be more pictures to come shortly, don’t worry we’ll get some of her in her Colts booties tomorrow for the Super Bowl. =)

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