The Ella Update

Ella is now 2 days old! I can’t believe it! She failed her first hearing test yesterday which is not unusual for c section babies as not all of the fluid gets squeezed out like it does during a vaginal birth. But for round 2 this morning she passed with flying colors.
When it comes to feeding Ella latches on and sucks like a champ. It’s taking my milk a bit longer to come in since it was a c-section, it takes your hormones a bit longer to get the message across that the baby is here, start producing. She’s lost 9% of her birth weight so we might have to supplement feed about half an ounce at a time until my milk does come in. She is showing no signs of any jaundice and over all is quite healthy. Woo Hoo! And just because I’m a little biased, she is absolutely perfect and Brad is AMAZING with her. 


One thought on “The Ella Update

  1. We are so so happy for you! I'm glad everything has turned out alright and that you're home and comfy. We can't wait to see more pictures and hear all about her!

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