Odd morning

So, I woke up right at 3 AM with a contraction, that seemed constant, it just wouldn’t stop. When Brad got up for work I told him about it so he’d know and he asked if he should stay home from work. I told him no, go to work, I would see what it did and let him know.
When he left at 6 I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn’t working. So at a little after 6 I got up to take a warm bath. While I was in the bath I didn’t feel the pain of a single contraction, but I could feel my belly tightening up. So, while I was in the tub I sent Brad a text message saying I thought they were just BH and was going to try to go back to bed. As soon as I got out of the tub though, I could feel them again. And then, once I got back in bed they were coming every 3 minutes but were only lasting about 20 seconds a piece. I tried getting on all fours, that helped, I once again couldn’t feel them. When I laid back down they were back.
Now that I’m sitting at the computer I feel the pain again but not as often, and they aren’t by any means painful enough (to me at least, as I’ve said before I grew up with HORRIBLE period cramps!) to take my breath away or not be able to talk or breathe through them. So, as of right now, I’m not sure what is going on.


One thought on “Odd morning

  1. We are seriously going through the same thing at the same time it is freaky!! Although I just tried to sleep through my contrax and now it is just a dull ache that comes and goes. I'm going to clean house and get everything ready and see if that does not pick things up. Good luck to you!!

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