Movies Galore!

Well, we’re still waiting to hear back about the oxygen (I called again this morning and the oxygen company STILL hadn’t faxed the results! Grrr!) but in the meantime here are some videos from this morning!
I got a cute Yawn on this one.

This one she started to get a little fussy towards the end.

And here is a video from tummy time! All of these were taken this morning:

And, while I was uploading these videos, the pediatricians office finally called and Ella is Officially OFF oxygen!!! Woo hoo! I just want to load her up and take her somewhere just because it will be SO much easier, not to mention lighter, without an oxygen tank!


Grrrr. . . . .

I HATE stupid people!
So, yesterday they picked up the machine at 3 PM when we had thought it would be a lot earlier then that and we would get the results later in the day. Well then when they picked it up they told us they woulf fax the results to the pediatrician first thing in the morning. Well I expected a call once the office opened letting us know the results, 9, 10, 11, all came and went. I figured I’d give them until noon and then I would call and ask for the results. I call at noon, they are closed until 1:30 for lunch. I call at 1:30, they hadn’t received anything from the oxygen company they’d try to get the results and give me a call back. I waited for 2 hours and then called again at 3:30 (seeing as how the office closes at 4). They haven’t received anything from them but if I want to call the oxygen company and see if I can get them to fax them the results that would be okay. Seriously?!
So, I call the oxygen company they take down all of my contact info and she said she’d figure it out and fax them the results. About 10 minutes later my phone rings it’s the oxygen company. The guy had faxed the results to the wrong number (Um, HIPPA anyone?!) but she would fax the results right then (it was now 10 till 4) and did I have their fax #? Um, nope. So I gave the company that does business with the pediatricians office all the time the office phone number so that they could get the fax #.
I waited until 5 till 4 to call and make sure that the ped’s office had received the fax, they didn’t answer the phone. So now we have to wait until tomorrow to find out the results. I don’t think this is good business practice on either business. I’m quite frustrated with the whole thing! So now we have to wait until tomorrow and will HOPEFULLY finally be able to find out the results and keeping our fingers crossed Ella will be able to get rid of the oxygen.
You can bet I’ll be on the phone right at 9!

So Cute!!

So, here is a video of Ella in her bouncy seat, she seems to love her little woodland creature friends. Haha!I hope you guys enjoy! And, now that Ella and I are starting to get into a nice routine of our own I will try to update more! She is such a great baby! Also, she did her overnight oxygen test last night. They just picked up the machine at about 3 pm here and will fax the results to our pediatrician first thing in the morning. Please say prayers and keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get a call in the morning saying she is done with oxygen. The only time we noticed that she dipped below 88% (and she was barely ever down to 88% she was mostly in the mid 90’s! Yay!) was when she was nursing and would hold her breath. When we first laid her down to sleep there were a couple 100%’s (big Yay!) and like I said mostly in the mid 90’s every time we looked while she was sleeping. So, we’re hoping we’re in the clear. If she gets off of her oxygen tomorrow we’re going to have a friend of ours who is a photographer take some pictures of her next week so we can get her birth announcements ordered and sent out.

Brad adds to the nursery.

So last week Brad ordered some stickers to go on the nursery walls. Maybe you’ve seen (most likely if you’re at all human!) the commercials on TV for Fat Heads? No, he didn’t get our sweet little Ella football players to go on her wall, here’s what he got:



Pictures; as promised!

Here is Ella with my mom; Ning Ning.
Wearing her Colts booties!
Her adorable bare feet!
Ella meeting Mamaw Shelly
Her first Tummy Time
Watching the olympics with Dad.
I LOVE this hat even though it’s still a little big on her.

My 2 week check up

I had my 2 week check up on Wednesday, everything is going well. My BP was 90/66, crazy, and after just having eaten and having real shoes on my weight at the office was 176. This morning when I weighed myself after nursing, peeing, and in my PJs sans slippers I was at 168, woo hoo!
My incision is healing well so I don’t need to be seen again until 6 weeks post partum. The Dr. read us the pathology reports from the c-section and it’s a damn good thing we went for the c-section. My placenta was getting an infection from my membranes being ruptured for so long which; if I would have continued laboring on my own, very quickly could have passed on to Ella. Thank goodness we got her out of there! Also there was some meconium staining on the placenta that implicates that she had a bowel movement long before delivery for it to have stained, VERY good thing she didn’t swallow any. She was so far down the birth canal though that it wasn’t getting to her.
Some quick things about Ella, we got to turn her oxygen level down on Tuesday, from 1/16 of a liter per minute to 1/32 lpm. Also, the oxygen company is bringing the testing machine by on Tuesday so hopefully she’ll be able to come off of her oxygen altogether on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly the pediatricians are given the results.
We had good visits with both Grandmas and are now ready to get in to our own routine. It has been a very hectic week for miss Ella so hopefully we can get her on a good schedule now without all of the Dr.’s appointments and trips to the airport that keep her in her car seat for so long!
I’ll post pictures soon, I’m trying to now but our internet SUCKS, so I’m not able to! I will tonight, it always works better at night!

2 Week Appointment. . . . .

This morning Ella had her 2 week check up. Things went 97% great! 1% of the not so great was that we left with her still on oxygen! Urgh! She was up in the high 90’s while she was awake and in the low 90’s for the most part while she was sleeping. She had a couple times when she dipped below 88% and that’s what kept her on the oxygen. They called in a prescription to the oxygen company to bring us one of the machines that measures the oxygen to our house. We keep it pn her while she’s sleeping for 4-6 hours and the company faxes the results to our pediatrician. If her levels stay above 88% for 90% of the time then she can come off the oxygen. Hopefully we will hear from the company in the next day or so, we want her off the oxygen, she hates the tubes and pulls at them all the time!
The other 2% of not great was when they had to prick her heel to take blood! She was asleep on my lap from doing the oxygen test and the girl just came in and pricked her poor little heel, she woke up just screaming! Her face turned read and the painful screams were horrible. I had a couple tears but had to fight hard not to start just bawling. I felt so bad for her! I’m not going to do too good when it’s time for shots!
The rest of the appointment went pretty well. Our little girl is perfectly healthy, we just need her oxygen levels to go up. Once again I have to say it, stupid altitude! The same girl that did her heel prick did her measurements and didn’t stretch her out very well because she charted her as only being 20 1/2 inches When she was 20 3/4″ at birth and 21″ last week. Oh well, 20 1/2″ puts her in the 50th percentile and I looked up online and if she’s still at 21″ (I bet she’s grown in a week!) then she in the 70th percentile. She weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile, and her head was 15″ in circumfrence which is in the 90th percentile! Maybe she’ll be tall and skinny like I used to be before I got pregnant! Haha.

I’ll post more pictures later, Ella had her first tummy time session today!


Quick update

First of all Happy Valentine’s day!
This will just be quick, we’re getting ready to run to Safeway to get some stuff to make our Valentine’s dinner. =)
Ella is getting so big so fast! I can’t believe how fast time with her seems to go, I want it to slow down! She lost her umbilical cord stub last night between midnight and 4 am. She slept for those 4 hours straight. She is just amazing, and she LOVES sleeping in her swing.
I am happy to report that I am losing weight! Yay! We bought a scale on Thursday so that I could know where I was at. My starting, or pre-pregnancy, weight was 155, I got all the way up to 195. This morning I was down to 171! Woo Hoo, down 24 lbs already and only 16 to get me back to pre-preg weight and then I would like to lose a few more vanity lbs. Haha
Things are going amazingly well with Ella, she had a couple rough days and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. She would keep her little legs pulled up tight and just cry. We started feeling gas bubbles in her tummy. We knew she hadn’t been burping, it is impossible to get this kid to burp! So we went out and got some mylicon drops and wow, it is a complete 180. She is so happy and alert all the time and she sleeps so well!
Anyway, I’m going to get us all ready to go! I’ll leave you with some pictures from this morning.

1 Week old already!

I cannot believe that a week has already gone by! Like I posted yesterday she is already growing so much! This next week is going to be so much fun! My mom flies in on Thursday morning and will be here until Monday night. About an hour after she flies out Brads mom flies in and is here until the following Thursday. So, this week Ella gets to meet both of her Grandmas! I can’t wait, she’s just perfect and they’re going to LOVE her! Duh.
Brad is going back to work on Friday. He would like to take more time off now but he knows that my mom will be here to help and would rather have the time saved up in case of emergencies. I understand, it just sucks, I want him to be able to see his daughter as much as possible during this time.
I think Ella is on the brink of a growth spurt, she has been cluster feeding for the last 2 days. She just never seems satisfied until I’ve swapped her back and forth at least 2 ttimes per side. I’m glad she’s growing but man is it exhausting! We’ve been putting her in sleep sacks every night and it’s so cute because everything is still so HUGE on her, so you get her in an item that is good up to 3 months when she fits perfectly in newborn sizes and she just swims, it’s so cute!
Today our friend Rachel stopped by to meet her and then later in the day our other friends Conrad and Jill, she was nursing while Rachel was here so it was just a quick visit but She was actually awake and somewhat alert while Conrad and Jill were here. I love showing her to people, she’s just so cute and I’m so proud of her. Just the fact that she’s here I’m proud of.
The first few days home have actually gone pretty well. The lack of sleep is not nearly as bad as the horror stories, and you get through it because it just needs to be done. We haven’t had to use any supplemental milk in the last couple days, I’ve been producing enough that she’s usually had enough after nursing but if we do need to give her a bottle then we are able to use my milk from pumping. So I think my milk has come in even though that isn’t as bad as people have said either. I’m HOPING that I just jinxed myself and I wake up completely engorged tonight. I just want to know that I’m producing enough to keep her going on my own. Her 2 week check up is actually right on her 2 week birthday so hopefully she’s more then surpassed her birth weight by then.
Brad and I both love to just sit and stare at her while she’s sleeping. The oxygen that she’s on dries her little nose out so we’ve been elevating her while she sleeps but we’ve also been letting her fall asleep intentionally while we’re holding her and it’s hard to put her down once she’s asleep, you just can’t help staring at her.
Well, I’m going to go get in a shower while I can, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of her from this morning as well as my 1 week post partum pictures. I hope my swelling goes down a little more soon!

Not sure what my current weight is, I want to buy a scale so I can keep track of my weight loss as well as Ella’s weight gain. I know I lost over 7 1/2 lbs of baby plus the other stuff, who knows.

Birth story. . . .

On Monday February 1st I woke up at 3 AM contracting. Not normal contractions though, I was in like a 30 minute long constant contraction. I got up to pee, and chugged some water. That helped space the contractions out to about 3 minutes a part. When Brad went to work I told him that I was contracting and would probably be calling him in a couple hours to come home.
After he left I got in the bath tub and took a nice warm bath, I could not feel the contractions at all while I was in the tub so I sent Brad a text saying I thought it was a false alarm. As soon as I got out they were back again and still at exactly 3 minutes a part. I got up and started walking the hallway and doing laps around our living room, this actually slowed the contractions down to about 5-6 minutes a part but still a steady pattern. After about an hour of this they were starting to get more intense, I called my mom and let her know that I thought I was in labor and then I called my Dr. to let them know what was happening. He said since they were picking up in intensity and had started out so close together that I should get Brad home and start heading for the hospital. This sucked since I had wanted to labor at home for longer. I called Brad who came home immediately, I had to remind hime when I called to drive the speed limit.
The drive to the hospital wasn’t horrible, it took longer then expected, about 2 hours, since there was snow on the pass and the roads were kind of crappy until we got to the other side. We got to the hospital at right about 12:30, they checked me in immediately and I got straight in to a room. They checked me and after contracting for 9 1/2 hours already I was only dilated to 1 1/2 cm. My BP was a little high (130/92) so I had to stay in bed and be monitored for an hour and wait for blood work to come back. Being in bed on my back SUCKED and during the ride down the contractions had gotten to 2-3 minutes a part and were staying that way, being on my back didn’t help. At about 1:15 my water broke on its own and the contractions really started picking up in intensity. The nurse came back in to let me know that my blood work was clean and so I could start walking if I wanted to. We got up and walked the halls for an hour and then I had to go back on the monitors for 20 minutes. After that we got up and walked some more and then I felt the need to sit because the contractiong were coming so close together while I was walking. Since I was sitting they put me back in bed and on the monitors. The contractions were coming 1-1 1/2 minutes apart and were off the top of the chart. At that point it was about 5:30 and I asked to be checked again. 3 CM, after 4 hours of walking and having been in labor for 14 1/2 hours with my water broken for 5, I had only dilated to 3 cm. At that point I got in the tub to see if it would work like that morning and take the edge off, no luck. I was still contracting every minute and I could barely breathe through them. I sat in there for an hour and at that point I just had no energy left, I threw my birth plan out the window and ordered the epidural. Heaven!
I was checked again at 7 when the shift change happened (thank goodness for the shift change becuase up until then I’d had the nurse from hell! This new nurse was AMAZING!) and I was still at 3 cm. She started coming in every 2 hours to take my vitals (which you’re supposed to do once your water breaks, and the other nurse didn’t check me once!) and at about 9:30 I was at 4 cm, Progress! At 11:30 I had dilated to 5 cm, things were finally moving along! Not!
I stalled at 5 cm, every 2 hours when they would come to check me I was still at 5 cm. At about 5 in the am she asked if it was okay to start pitocin. Even though I couldn’t feel them I was still contracting every 1-1 1/2 minutes and pretty intensely and I wasn’t getting anywhere. They wanted to start the pitocin to try to regulate the contractions a little bit and hopefully make some progress. Not even 10 minutes after they started the pitocin my door flew open and 4 nurses and the Dr all came in. Ella’s heart rate had dropped and been really low for 3 minutes straight. They immediately stopped the pitocin and put me on oxygen. Her heart rate came back up, thank goodness. They decided to let me labor on my own for a while longer. At about 7 AM they came in with the new Dr (the one both Brad and I liked best all along) and he checked me, still at 5 cm. Stalled at 5 cm for 8 hours!
He gave us some options: 1) We could try the pitocin again, which he did not want to do. If her heart rate dropped again we would have an emergency c-section, me completely out and Brad wouldn’t be allowed in the room.
2) They could continue to let me labor on my own but with how intense and consistent my conractions were, and with the fact that I had been in labor for 28 hours already, they were very nervous about the chance of uterine rupture.
3) We could make the decision to go ahead and have a c-section so we could get her out and wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Brad and I had already been talking about this option for the last 2 hours and wanted the Dr.’s opinion on it, so this made up our minds.
We decided to have the c-section for both my and Ellas safety.
I signed the consent for the c-section at 7:54. Everything happened quickly after that. The anesthesiologist (SP?) came in to give me the spinal, I got my belly shaved, Brad was given scrubs, and off we went. At 8:59 AM our little princess came in to the world. 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long, full head of hair, and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
This definitely didn’t go along with my natural birth plan but I would do it all over again for her!