Still waiting!

Well, I’m still here. I keep thinking we’ll be woken up in the middle of the night by contractions, but nothing in the last couple days. Haha.  Brad has to work until 11 or 12 tonight so we’ll see if that will jump start anything, plus my hormones are going CRAZY so maybe that will help too.
I’ve been sleeping great the past 2 nights. Only waking up once a night to pee, which after about 5 nights in a row of 6-7 trips a night has been much appreciated. I’ve been sneezing a lot and I keep hoping that I’ll sneeze and maybe my water will break, but so far, no such luck. I’ve been taking daily walks with the dogs, they of course LOVE it and I’m hoping it’s helping me make some progress, so it’s good for everyone involved.
I’m going to go lay back down, I’ve been feeling some nausea today and hopefully in about an hour I’ll feel like taking the dogs out for another walk! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that hopefully labor will jump start in the next couple hours!!
I’m going to leave you with an awesome picture I took of Cody yesterday! Well, a couple of them. =)
Here he was cuddling with his sheep:

And then he got so excited that I was taking his picture that he came in for a close up!:

Okay, going to lay down now! Pray for labor to start! =)



One thought on “Still waiting!

  1. You and I are in the same boat! I've been walking, eating spicy foods, etc…and nothing. Today my low back has been really sore and crampy. Ugh!! Come on already! Well here is some labor dust for you!! Good luck!

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