Todays appointment

Today’s appointment went well, BP was very good down to 110/74. Her head is definately lower and her shoulders are right in line with the top of my pubic bone. So hopefully she comes SOON! I’m ready and I don’t know if I can face another week of being home by myself while Brad is at work. If she does make it through this weekend then we have another appointment for Tuesday morning to do a Non Stress Test and a Bio-Physical profile. I guess it’s pretty standard if you go past your due date, just to make sure the baby is doing everything it should be. The non stress test just measures heart rate and movement, and then the other thing is an ultrasound that they watch the baby for a little bit and make sure that she is practicing breathing, and a couple other things, and they will also check my fluid level to make sure I have enough to support her. If everything is fine on Tuesday (Pray I don’t make it that long!) then we’ll be going back twice a week for the Non Stress Test and ultrasound until she does deliver. The midwife said at about a week and a hald after the due date then they will start talking induction as they don’t like to let you go more then 2 weeks over due. I’m hoping she comes some time in the next 3 days though as they are Brads days off. We’ll see, and I’ll keep everyone posted!


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