My night of false labor. . . .

Yesterday at about 3:30 PM I started getting some period like cramping. It was a little more intense then it had been the past 3 weeks but nothing that really bother me since I’ve always had crippling cramps growing up. After a couple I noticed that they were coming every 30-40 minutes apart. It stayed this way until about 8 and then they got to about 20-30 minutes apart. I watched my shows and then went to take a shower (I figured if I was going to go in to labor I didn’t know when my next shower would be so I was taking advantage, haha). After my shower I took some Tylenol PM (again, didn’t know when I was going to get any more sleep so why not) and read until that kicked in.
I woke up at about 2:30 to a pretty intense contraction, got up, went pee, and got back in bed. It was kind of funny (Oh I actually laughed out loud) because as soon as I threw my covers off of me to go pee, Brad got up to pee at the exact same time. I thought it was funny. I laid in bed for about an hour and was having contractions every 15-18 minutes. I finally fell back asleep and woke up at right about 6 to another pretty intense contraction. At that point I said a little prayer. I asked God to either speed up and intensify the contractions if this was to be Ella’s birth day instead of teasing me or to just make them stop, and if at all possible let me wait until Monday to have her so Brad could get some stuff tied up at work before he takes a week or so off. Well, after that intense one that woke me up, nothing. I’ve had a couple that feel more back to the Braxton Hicks today as there is no extreme tightening of my uterus that goes along with the cramping. And there is no timing the cramping, instead of lasting 30-45 seconds it sticks around like cramping does for half an hour or so.
Ella is still a mover, it has slowed down quite a bit and doesn’t happen as often during the day, but she always lets me know she’s in there. She likes to stick her little feet out and stretch which feels quite odd. I like to think she’s pushing her way down there in preperation for the big day. No other signs of imminent birth though, Mucus Plug is still in tact (sorry if TMI), no loose stools like people have warned of. I feel fine, just tired after all the contractions yesterday.
So, we’re still all here, and I’m just hoping we can make it to Monday!


One thought on “My night of false labor. . . .

  1. Funny you should mention this as I have had the same thing going on since about last night. Had crazy BH all day anywhere from 10-40 minutes apart. Now I am tired. The BH have slowed down but this must mean we're going into labor soon! So good luck to you!

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