38 Week appointment

Yesterdays appointment was great, BP was at 117/70 so it’s holding steady, no ridiculous increases. Not much to report really, I’m measuring on track, the heart beat sounded excellent. The Dr. gave us some pointers on when to call the on call midwife and when to head towards the hospital. Still no internal so I don’t even know if I’m dialated at all. I go back on Monday at 2 if she isn’t here yet. We’ll have to see if she makes a birthday arrival for Sara. So far it isn’t looking like it. You never know though.

After the appointment we ran some errands, washed the car, got some lunch, and I went and raided Barnes & Noble for some new books to read. We had been talking about going to see the movie Avatar when we got back but I was just too tired and Brad was also. So, we might go see it tonight instead. I’m glad that we didn’t go though, right when the movie would have been starting my phone rang, it was my brother and my niece had wanted to talk to me. So, I got to talk to Devon for about 45 minutes, it was wonderful. About half an hour into the conversation Brad asked me a question and she was confused with what I was saying. So, I told her “Sorry Devon, Brad asked me a question.” She got all excited “Brad’s there?!” Yep, “Can I talk to him?!” sure. So I took the phone out to Brad and she talked to him for about 5 minutes, it was so cute. She kept having him guess what color crayon she was using while she was coloring. After I got the phone back we talked for a few more minutes and all of a sudden she was like “I love you Rachel, Bye!” and as she was handing the phone to Ben you hear her say “Okay dad, I’m done.” That kid is awesome!
Well, that’s about all, today is a lazy day so I’m ready to get back to being lazy. =) I’ll update if anything fun happens!


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