So, bed rest got a little boring today. I decided to play in the nursery a bit, I got tired pretty quickly so I still have a pile of laundry to do, clothes she was given for Christmas and at our second shower mostly. But also, a couple of blankets, swaddle me’s, and a boppy cover. I got our Pack N Play and travel system registered online, I then put together the bouncer that I LOVED (oh yes, I bought it) and registered that also. I got the changing area organized and all of her bath stuff put away. I was quite proud of myself but now I am exhausted. So much for a walk with the dogs today, we’ll go tomorrow.
So, for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures that I took.
The bouncer, Love it!:

Her changing area with her adorable ladybug changing pad cover!:

Her diaper pail, humidifier that will come out of the box sometime soon I’m sure, and her basket full of toys and stuffed animals (well, some of them) that everyone has given her already!:

And yes, that is a hammer sitting on her dresser/changer. I am STILL waiting for Brad to hang the wall letters (hint hint!) so that will be gone as soon as they are hung. I would really like for it to be out of the room. I would also like to get some pictures to hang on the wall but I don’t know what I want yet. I think the pack n play is good and aired out by now so I’ll be packing it up to give us some more moving room in the nursery. We need to get the co sleeper set up and I would still like to buy a sleep positioner in case she doesn’t like being swaddled. Then, when things are a little more organized I’ll take some pictures of the full room and put those up. Almost finished!
And with that, I’m going to drink some water and get back to bed rest! =)


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