37 Week appointment & prenatal massage

So, todays appointment went great, BP was down to 108/70. So, while the bed rest continues, we know that it’s helping. And since my BP improved so much over the weekend I’m back to once a week appointments instead of having to go twice a week! I got permission to play some games on the Wii, as long as I don’t do the boxing, haha. And I also asked about going on little walks around the neighborhood with the dogs and was told that would be fine as well. So, as long as it starts warming up during the day I can leave the house for a little bit at a time and get some exercise.
The prenatal massage was wonderful! There was so much tension in my neck & shoulders and 100 times that amount in my lower back. I feel amazing now and I know I’ll sleep well tonight. The best part was they had a cut out for my tummy so I actually got to lay on my stomach for a while, wow do I miss sleeping on my stomach!
Since I went down by myself today, I was able to do a little shopping for Brads birthday since I won’t be able to go, or feel like going I’m sure, once Ella is here. Also, I went to target and they had so many cute sleepers on clearance and some cute little outfits too. I got her 6 sleepers and outfits and the most expensive one was $3. Most of them though were anywhere from $1.74-$2.50, it was great. I alos bought a “belly bandit” so we’ll see how that works. It’s supposed to keep your muscles where they’re supposed to be after delivery (you wear it for 6 weeks) and that helps you avoid that post pregnancy “pooch”. Hopefully it works.
Anyway, that’s about all, I’ll keep everyone updated throughout the week if anything exciting happens. I know we need to take Rocky to the vet at some point this week, he’s due for shots. Woo, exciting!


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