BP Appointment

So todays appointment was a pretty good one. My BP was back up to 120/80 but I was happy it was that low after the night I had. Cassidy kept me up all night long barking, seriously every 20-40 minutes she would just start barking at NOTHING! Finally at about 4:30 this morning after yealling at her about 50 times already I went out and forced her into the bedroom and she was smart enough after that to just hide in the corner and not make a peep. I however was so pissed off I couldn’t get to sleep. So yes, very happy it was ONLY 120/80. My group B Strep test came back negative so I won’t have to have an IV during labor. And the OB said that unless my blood pressure went up to around 160/110 in the next couple weeks that we wouldn’t have to worry about an IV for the blood pressure during labor. Thank goodness. So yes, all in all a good appointment. I go back on Monday morning and I’m going to call the massage place this afternoon to see if I can get an appointment for Monday afternoon for my prenatal massage, boy do I need it. =)
I’ll do the weekly update on Sunday, hope everyone has a good weekend. =)


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