Tuesdays Appointment

So, I’m going to have to retract my statement that bed rest sucks. It is working so therefore not fully a bad thing. My BP was down to 112/82 and the swelling in my ankles was completely gone. My favorite part of the whole appointment?! First off, the lady told me last week I was up 39 lbs and I was really only up 38 and then to make that even better, after my week of bed rest I lost another lb so I’m only up 37! Woo hoo! I actually lost a lb by sitting on my butt, love it!
But, moral of the story is, since bed rest is working I am now on bed rest for the duration of this pregnancy. I also am now going to appointments twice a week to keep an eye on my blood pressure, so that if it does go on the rise we can induce and get her out when we need to. So, Brad and I are headed back on Friday morning. Ella’s head continues to get lower and the midwife said she can feel that I’ve dropped. She can now get a full hand in between my breast plate and uterus, this kid is moving south. Plus now instead of feet up in my ribs constantly they are in an area about 2 inches lower. She can still reach them up there but not nearly as often and I don’t feel like I’m going to break her little foot every time I bend over, haha.
After the appointment yesterday we went to Walmart and got everything else that I needed to have my bags completely packed, so that’s done. Then on our way back to the house we stopped at the post office and there waiting for me were the extra pages I ordered for her baby book! So, that is all put together and ready to go also. Now we just need labor to start on its own, sometime after Sunday.
That’s about all for now I suppose. I’ll update again after Fridays appointment, unless something super exciting happens before then. Like my Grandma’s 89th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Grandma!
Hope everyone has a good rest of their week.


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