Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great new years eve. We went out to dinner with Darren, Alicia, and Kasen and then came back here and broke in the new Wii that we just bought with some of our Christmas money. Now after Ella comes all we have to do is buy the Wii Fit accessory so that I can work out at home and I’ll be a happy camper.
Day one of bed rest is almost over, phew. It was kind of boring but nice and relaxing. Now that my midwife has been able to point out to me what Braxton Hicks contractions feel like I have definitely felt a couple today. And about half an hour ago I started getting some period like cramping. All I ask is that she holds out for about a week longer so we can make it to 37 weeks. She has been super active today which has been nice, it gives me some reassurance that even if my body is acting up, she’s doing well in there.
This morning was nice because Brad didn’t have to go to work until about 11:30-noon-ish. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about blood pressure and what the heck is going on with my body, but I got out of bed at about 7:30, did the dishes, and got to spend some time with Brad before he had to go in to work. The thing that is going to drive me crazy during this bed rest period are our dogs. They growl and bark at anyone who walks by and that makes me sad. People actually walk faster walking by our house because they don’t want to be barked at. They just get so excited I think, but I hate that our dogs are basically assholes. I try not to yell at them because I don’t want to get too excited but they just do it all the time, I’m ready to lock them in the garage. 
Well, I’m going to go back to my tv watching and basically just not doing anything. I had some friends call to check up on me today and some others stop by, so that was nice, it broke up the day. Anyway, back to reclining. Again, I hope everyone had a great new year, and Sara if you have access to this I hope you had a safe flight and have a great time on your cruise! 


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Caina does that too! I don't know how to make her stop. Fortunately the professionals say a baby who is introduced to dogs barking in the womb will sleep through it later. One plus!

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