Argh! Bed Rest.

So, today’s appointment was not a great one. I left in plenty of time since I had to drive myself, got there about half an hour early and sat in my car listening to music to relax. Well, my blood pressure was high. Not high to normal people, 120/80 but that’s high for a pregnant woman. My average is 100/70. So, she brings up the words bed rest. That’s about where I forget everything else. I was not expecting that. So I don’t work this week and then go back in on Tuesday to see what my BP looks like then. They drew blood today to run a screen for “HELLP” syndrome, they either didn’t get the results back in time or I didn’t test positive for it because I haven’t received a phone call today. So, fingers crossed that no news is good news.
The woman drawing my blood was an incompetent idiot though. As the needle is getting closer to my arm she says “I don’t see a good vein so I’m not sure if we’ll get this on the first stick or not.” Insert a VERY shocked face here, and then, nope she didn’t get it and proceeds to dig around in my arm for at least a full minute. So, I have a HUGE bruise in my arm. Then she couldn’t find a good vein in my right arm so she drew it from my hand, but NOT with a smaller needle like the last time it was drawn from my hand so I have an even larger bruise on my hand then in the crook of my arm.
Anyway, the rest of the appointment was still good. They did the group B strep test on me today so hopefully that comes back negative. Fingers crossed. And her head is locked and loaded so she’s getting ready to go. Also, when she put her hand on my stomach to feel her she says “You’re having a contraction, can you feel that?” Well, no I couldn’t, but when I put my hand on my stomach I could feel the tightness she was talking about. And then a couple of times this afternoon when I had a hand on my tummy I’ve felt the same thing, so i guess I am having Braxton Hicks contractions. She said by feel Ella is about 6 lbs right now so I can expect a 7.5 to 8 lb baby, her heart rate was good and she’s still dancing all day long.
I think I got most of the things that I wanted to get done today, my mind was elsewhere though. I was told it’s fine for me to go out to dinner tonight like we were planning on and then just pretty much stay at home and take it easy. So, that’s what I’ll do. I bought a lot of books today and a couple movies so I can stay entertained. Anyway, I’m going to go just sit for a bit before dinner. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s eve. Say your prayers that the HELLP test comes back negative as does the group B strep test so that I can stay on track for the natural delivery that I want. 


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