40 Weeks already!!!

Happy due date to us! I know it’s only 2 here but I’m just not feeling it today! Brad and I are starting to think that the 2nd or the 3rd sound right. With how far ahead she was measuring and being a “Mountain Baby” (ask anyone up here, theirs ALL came 2-3 weeks early!) we thought she would be here by now. Never in a million years did we imagine that we’d be late. When they told me on December 31st that she was about 6 lbs I was excited, I thought she’d be here by around the middle of January and we’d have a nice, healthy, 7 ish lb baby girl. Well, now if she’s stuck to the 1 ounce a day rule she’s at right about 8 lbs today! Crazy!!
Now, I’m posting this so that I have record of it. ::::TMI Warning:::: If you’re squeamish about pregnancy related things, stop reading and skip to the next paragraph! So, I’ve been having a little trouble the past couple days. I have contracted the worst 3rd trimester symptom EVER! I was quite constipated for a few days (I warned you it was trouble!) and after finally being able to go, I end up with a hemorrhoid the size of Texas! I can’t walk without being in pain, I can’t go from sitting to standing and vice versa without being in pain, it just plain HURTS! So no I am actually nervous, for the first time, about actually giving birth. I know I’m going to be fine, but this added pain on the other end scares me a little. Haha, I’m not afraid of the process of giving birth, I look forward to it really, I’m just afraid of how this literal pain in my ass is going to affect it. I still want my natural birth (lord willing), and I figure that I’ll already be in enough painthat I won’t know the difference, but honestly, can these things rupture?! (Sorry!) It’s already external so it just makes me nervous. I haven’t been able to go on my daily walks because of it since Thursday, so no inducing labor that way. And I’m still thinking it will be a couple days before she’s ready to make her appearance, so I’m just trying to take it VERY easy, give myself some time to heal. Hopefully a lot of this swelling will go down before the big day comes so I won’t have to worry about it so much.
::: Safe to start reading again!:::
Other than that, I feel amazing, I’ve been sleeping great, able to spend some time with Brad. I’m glad that we made it past yesterday, he is always SO tired after his night shift, he was actually able to get some sleep last night so I was quite happy about that. I don’t want him to be exhausted and out of it during the birth of his first child. And if I were to go a week over due (who knows at this rate!) then she’ll be born on her daddy’s birthday! If she does wait that long though, she’d better come in plenty of time for us to be able to watch the Super Bowl, haha, I’ve got to be able to root for my Colts!
Adorable story about Brad, =) as soon as it got to January 21st and he knew for sure that Ella would be an Aquarius (which is his sign also) he moved a wall hanging that he’s had since he was little from our room in to Ella’s room. He was so excited to be able to share that with her, and I thought it was so cute that he gave her one of his possessions that he holds dear to him that he’s had since he was little. I’ll post a picture of it down below. 

How far along? 40 Weeks! It’s our due date!
Total weight gain/loss: 40 lbs!

Maternity clothes? Oh yes, hopefully not for too much longer!
stretch marks? Oh yes (See below, not for the faint of heart!)
Sleep: Amazing the past few days!
Best moment this week: The last few days of being able to feel her move around inside my tummy, pretty bitter sweet.
Movement: Yep, slowing down, except for during the full moon on Friday, she was going NUTS!
Food cravings: Dried Mango
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: Not too many this week!
Belly Button in or out? 1/2 & 1/2 still
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy! So close!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our daughter and getting to know her. Watching Brad bond with her.
Weekly Wisdom: Hemorrhoids SUCK!
Milestones: 40 weeks, a huge milestone. Now lets see how far we go. Haha!

It’s hard to say for sure how big your baby will be, but the average newborn weighs about 7 1/2 pounds (a small pumpkin) and is about 20 inches long. Her skull bones are not yet fused, which allows them to overlap a bit if it’s a snug fit through the birth canal during labor. This so-called “molding” is the reason your baby’s noggin may look a little conehead-ish after birth. Rest assured — it’s normal and temporary. 
And now for photos, the first one is Brads wall hanging, so cute! The other 3, I was brave and wanted to remember my bare belly!
 WARNING!!!! Viewer Discretion Is Advised!!!

So, I hope that I didn’t scare anyone to death with those pictures! I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll update soon I’m sure!

Happy Due Date Eve!

Wow, tomorrow is our due date. So far I’m not feeling any signs of impending labor for tonight, so it seems doubtful to me that Ella will be one of the 5% of babies who are born on their due dates. Who knows though! At this point I’m hoping for a couple extra days of pregnancy so I can hopefully get over some things that have been bothering me physically the last couple days so that I’m in tip top shape for delivery when she does decide to come.
Brad has started hoping for a February baby now too, maybe a Groundhogs day baby? =)

Still waiting!

Well, I’m still here. I keep thinking we’ll be woken up in the middle of the night by contractions, but nothing in the last couple days. Haha.  Brad has to work until 11 or 12 tonight so we’ll see if that will jump start anything, plus my hormones are going CRAZY so maybe that will help too.
I’ve been sleeping great the past 2 nights. Only waking up once a night to pee, which after about 5 nights in a row of 6-7 trips a night has been much appreciated. I’ve been sneezing a lot and I keep hoping that I’ll sneeze and maybe my water will break, but so far, no such luck. I’ve been taking daily walks with the dogs, they of course LOVE it and I’m hoping it’s helping me make some progress, so it’s good for everyone involved.
I’m going to go lay back down, I’ve been feeling some nausea today and hopefully in about an hour I’ll feel like taking the dogs out for another walk! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that hopefully labor will jump start in the next couple hours!!
I’m going to leave you with an awesome picture I took of Cody yesterday! Well, a couple of them. =)
Here he was cuddling with his sheep:

And then he got so excited that I was taking his picture that he came in for a close up!:

Okay, going to lay down now! Pray for labor to start! =)


Yes! Finally some progress!

Sorry if this is a bit TMI but I’m excited! I Finally lost my mucus plug! The Old Wives Tale is you usually go into labor within 72 hours of losing it! Woo Hoo! Brad just told Ella to go ahead and come out, it’s supposed to snow tonight and she’s “unplugged now it sounds like.” Hahahahaha!

That is all, haha!

Grrrr. . . . .

Well, for a couple hours last night I thought Brad was right. I woke up a little before 1 with contractions coming about 15-18 minutes apart. At about 2:30 they magically stopped again. Grrr. . . .
I got up to talk around a little, I figured maybe lapping the living room would do some good. I went back to bed at about 3 and Brad was coming out of the bathroom asking if it was “time to go?!” It was cute. I told him to go skiing this morning so that maybe they would get closer together (I woke up to some contractions about 16 minutes apart) and we could actually have our baby! My fingers are crossed! 

Todays appointment

Today’s appointment went well, BP was very good down to 110/74. Her head is definately lower and her shoulders are right in line with the top of my pubic bone. So hopefully she comes SOON! I’m ready and I don’t know if I can face another week of being home by myself while Brad is at work. If she does make it through this weekend then we have another appointment for Tuesday morning to do a Non Stress Test and a Bio-Physical profile. I guess it’s pretty standard if you go past your due date, just to make sure the baby is doing everything it should be. The non stress test just measures heart rate and movement, and then the other thing is an ultrasound that they watch the baby for a little bit and make sure that she is practicing breathing, and a couple other things, and they will also check my fluid level to make sure I have enough to support her. If everything is fine on Tuesday (Pray I don’t make it that long!) then we’ll be going back twice a week for the Non Stress Test and ultrasound until she does deliver. The midwife said at about a week and a hald after the due date then they will start talking induction as they don’t like to let you go more then 2 weeks over due. I’m hoping she comes some time in the next 3 days though as they are Brads days off. We’ll see, and I’ll keep everyone posted!

39 Weeks!

I don’t think Brad or I ever thought I would go this far. Everyone that you ever talk to up here says that their child came AT LEAST 2 weeks early, everyone. So to be down to a week until our due date, with our child measuring a couple weeks ahead it’s quite surprising. I am happy that she is coming along at her own time though just as long as she doesn’t get huge and we have to do a c-section. At my 35 week appointment, the day I got put on bed rest, they were guessing she was right about 6 lbs. So, if she was, and she’s sticking to the ounce a day rule she is right about 7 1/2 lbs right now. We’ll see, I have been lapping my house all day today to see if I can get anything started. It was too windy to go outside this morning, ridiculously windy, I would have been knocked over. But now it is actually snowing and it looks like the wind has died down a bit. So, maybe, just maybe, after the colts game it will be nice enough to go outside and take the dogs for a real walk. They’ve just been giving me the side eye all day as I go from door to door. So far, not a single contraction. Blah.
This week hasn’t been too exciting aside from the false labor. Still no other labor signs to report on, just the random braxton hicks. I had some cramping yesterday but it never turned in to anything. So, I have my Dr.’s appointment scheduled for 2 tomorrow, I was really hoping we wouldn’t make it to that one. Oh well, she’ll come when she’s good and ready but I’m going to keep walking until then. =)
We had a date night on Wednesday, we went out for Mexican (Yum! But the spicy food didn’t jump start labor!) and then went to go see Avatar. It was a really good movie, I didn’t think I would like it much but I did. It was nice to be able to spend some time with Brad, just the two of us, out of the house and not at a Dr.’s appointment. =)

Yesterday I decided was a chick flick day, haha, I sat around and watched P.S. I Love You and then followed it up with We Are Marshall (Not a chick flick but you know how I love my sports movies!) and yes, bawled through both of them. Usually after I watch a movie once and get a good cry out of it, I don’t cry any other time I watch it, the hormones got to me this time. Haha. And I love a good cry. =) Today though, is football day, and I just might cry if the Colts don’t pick it up a little.
I think Brad is starting to get pretty nervous about everything. I didn’t tell him about the contractions the other night until they were over the next morning because I wanted him to not freak out, and be able to get some sleep. He’s excited, but so nervous. He has all the Sherriffs office phone numbers saved in his phone in case there is traffic on the drive to Denver and we need a police escort, he is convinced that as soon as I have my first contraction that we need to head for the hospital, he sends me text messages every couple hours while he’s at work to make sure I’m not in labor and can get to my phone. It’s so cute.

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: + 39 lbs as of Tuesday.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes
stretch marks? Oh yes
Sleep: Really not too bad, loving it.
Best moment this week: Brads nervousness, Date Night, and I guess even the false labor, my body is getting ready to go!
Movement: Slowed down but she’s still letting me know she’s there.
Food cravings: Dried Mango!
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: Read my previous post. Haha
Belly Button in or out? 1/2 and 1/2, way to go bottom half!
What I miss: My skinny abilities. Haha
What I am looking forward to: Meeting Ella, I cannot wait!
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t let the bed rest drive you crazy, leaving your house is not the best thing ever. Haha

Milestones: Making it to 39 weeks, crazy, I thought we’d have an outside baby by now!
Your baby’s waiting to greet the world! She continues to build a layer of fat to help control her body temperature after birth, but it’s likely she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

And for the pictures:
I hope that everyone has a great week and that you’ll be hearing from us soon about being on our way to the Hospital! 

My night of false labor. . . .

Yesterday at about 3:30 PM I started getting some period like cramping. It was a little more intense then it had been the past 3 weeks but nothing that really bother me since I’ve always had crippling cramps growing up. After a couple I noticed that they were coming every 30-40 minutes apart. It stayed this way until about 8 and then they got to about 20-30 minutes apart. I watched my shows and then went to take a shower (I figured if I was going to go in to labor I didn’t know when my next shower would be so I was taking advantage, haha). After my shower I took some Tylenol PM (again, didn’t know when I was going to get any more sleep so why not) and read until that kicked in.
I woke up at about 2:30 to a pretty intense contraction, got up, went pee, and got back in bed. It was kind of funny (Oh I actually laughed out loud) because as soon as I threw my covers off of me to go pee, Brad got up to pee at the exact same time. I thought it was funny. I laid in bed for about an hour and was having contractions every 15-18 minutes. I finally fell back asleep and woke up at right about 6 to another pretty intense contraction. At that point I said a little prayer. I asked God to either speed up and intensify the contractions if this was to be Ella’s birth day instead of teasing me or to just make them stop, and if at all possible let me wait until Monday to have her so Brad could get some stuff tied up at work before he takes a week or so off. Well, after that intense one that woke me up, nothing. I’ve had a couple that feel more back to the Braxton Hicks today as there is no extreme tightening of my uterus that goes along with the cramping. And there is no timing the cramping, instead of lasting 30-45 seconds it sticks around like cramping does for half an hour or so.
Ella is still a mover, it has slowed down quite a bit and doesn’t happen as often during the day, but she always lets me know she’s in there. She likes to stick her little feet out and stretch which feels quite odd. I like to think she’s pushing her way down there in preperation for the big day. No other signs of imminent birth though, Mucus Plug is still in tact (sorry if TMI), no loose stools like people have warned of. I feel fine, just tired after all the contractions yesterday.
So, we’re still all here, and I’m just hoping we can make it to Monday!

38 Week appointment

Yesterdays appointment was great, BP was at 117/70 so it’s holding steady, no ridiculous increases. Not much to report really, I’m measuring on track, the heart beat sounded excellent. The Dr. gave us some pointers on when to call the on call midwife and when to head towards the hospital. Still no internal so I don’t even know if I’m dialated at all. I go back on Monday at 2 if she isn’t here yet. We’ll have to see if she makes a birthday arrival for Sara. So far it isn’t looking like it. You never know though.

After the appointment we ran some errands, washed the car, got some lunch, and I went and raided Barnes & Noble for some new books to read. We had been talking about going to see the movie Avatar when we got back but I was just too tired and Brad was also. So, we might go see it tonight instead. I’m glad that we didn’t go though, right when the movie would have been starting my phone rang, it was my brother and my niece had wanted to talk to me. So, I got to talk to Devon for about 45 minutes, it was wonderful. About half an hour into the conversation Brad asked me a question and she was confused with what I was saying. So, I told her “Sorry Devon, Brad asked me a question.” She got all excited “Brad’s there?!” Yep, “Can I talk to him?!” sure. So I took the phone out to Brad and she talked to him for about 5 minutes, it was so cute. She kept having him guess what color crayon she was using while she was coloring. After I got the phone back we talked for a few more minutes and all of a sudden she was like “I love you Rachel, Bye!” and as she was handing the phone to Ben you hear her say “Okay dad, I’m done.” That kid is awesome!
Well, that’s about all, today is a lazy day so I’m ready to get back to being lazy. =) I’ll update if anything fun happens!