Update on the to-do list

4. Assemble the Pack N Play.
7. Make appointment to have Car Seat Installation checked by the fire department.

Oh yes, yesterday morning I got the Pack N Play all put together so it could be airing out. Don’t want it to smell like it’s JUST out of the box. And out car seat installation is good to go. Now I just need to teach Brad how to insert and remove the seat itself to and from the base. It’s easy, he’ll be fine.
This morning we went out to breakfast before he, Darren, and Alicia went down to Denver for a concert tonight. While we were there I noticed that their dessert of the day was Strawberry Rhubarb pie. It sounded amazing and I haven’t had any in years, so I got a piece to go. I just had it for dessert and it was delicious! And now I have the house to myself so no one can make fun of me for going to bed at 7:30. =)
Tomorrow is my 35 week appointment. Brad won’t be able to make it, he’s staying in Denver tonight after the concert and he didn’t drive so he won’t be making it up to Evergreen for the 9 AM start time. But, after the appointment I’m headed down to Denver to do some more baby shopping. Plus, perfect timing, yesterday in the mail I got a “completion coupon” from Target. It’s for 10% off anything I buy left on our registry. So, I’m doing some gift card shopping again and will be able to save some more money. Excited about that one! 
Of course after it hasn’t snowed in forever today/tonight it is snowing, so I have to leave my house at about 7 for a 9 am appointment just to be on the safe side. So, on that note I’m going to leave you with a couple pictures of the Pack N Play and then I’m going to take a shower and go to bed! I’ll try to update tomorrow when I get home from shopping about how the appointment went. Not sure how much time I’ll have because we’re going out to dinner with Darren and Alicia for new years, but I will post at some point! Promise! =)




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