Wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas to everyone, we love you all!
We celebrated Christmas yesterday since we both have to work today. Everyone’s gifts were so generous, thanks so much! It brings tears to my eyes knowing how much we are loved and how much support we have from our families, it means the world to us.
For fun, here is a quick picture of my Brad at 11 yesterday morning before I MADE him get up.

Aren’t they sweet? I really like how Cody is actually using my pillow. But Brad and I were able to have a very nice dinner together and get all of our gifts open. I can’t wait to get some DVD’s so I can try out the camcorder that we got each other. And Brad went a little over board I think. Not only did he get me a gift certificate to go down to a spa in Denver for a prenatal massage (CANNOT wait!, haha) but he also got me the most gorgeous necklace. Well, a picture of it for now. He ordered it and was then contacted being told it was on back order. But it’s so pretty, it’s a Circle of Life Mother & Child necklace and I just love it already.
The rest of our day spent just being lazy and it was wonderful. I wish we could spend some time together this evening but, it’s just not possible. I’ll get to see him a little when he gets to work, and I get to see him every other day. =)
I’m going to get back to work now, my phone has been ringing non stop this morning.
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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