Update on the "To Do" List

I actually got a lot accomplished yesterday.
1. Call the insurance company to get my Short Term Disability lined out.
2. Call pediatrician to see if they want to have a visit before she’s here and to ask questions.
3. Call Registration at the hospital and make sure they got my forms!
5. Assemble the Stroller.
6. Install the Car Seat.

Granted item #1 is only about half done but totally not my fault. I called my insurance company and they are idiots. The person on the phone told me they only handle existing claims and gave me the number of some other person to call. Whatever, I call the number that they gave me and it is an insurance rep to sign me up for Short Term Disability, which I’ve been paying into for 3 years now. So, that woman called our HR rep, who then called me and was quite frustrated with the insurance company for not doing its job. So, in the end she ended up starting a Short Term Disability claim for me and the insurance company will call me withing the next week or so for all of my information. But if I don’t hear from them by next Tuesday I’ll be calling them again. Everything else though I really did get done. Haha, I called the pediatricians office and they had me register online. Now all I have to do is when we’re on the way back from the hospital with Ella, call them and stop by and they will do an oxygen check and schedule her newborn appointment for the next day. 
I also called the hospital to make sure they got my pre-registration forms since I hadn’t received anything from them. I am in fact pre-registered and I guess it is up to the insurance company to send you an estimate of hospital costs, and surprise (with the great customer service they offer!) ours doesn’t do it. I assembled the stroller which was WAY easier then the swing, go figure. And I installed the car seat base in my car. I’ll call sometime next week to make an appointment to get it inspected.
So for now, here are a couple pictures of my handywork with the stroller and car seat. 

And now I must go to bed because tonight, Santa is coming to our house! =)


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