Baby Book

So, like I said, our baby book was delivered yesterday and I LOVE it! Here are some pictures.
Here is the front cover:

And here are the two options that we have for her name to go in the cover:

And then here are some of the pages:
And there is a family tree, plenty of room for everything related to the pregnancy, when we first heard the heart beat, when each of us first felt her move, etc. This goes all the way through the first year with plenty of extra pages for journaling and pictures. Then you can also buy extra pages (which I’m going to) for all of her first holidays, trips, and through her 5th birthday. I’m so excited to get started working on this, I just love it! And it’s great quality!
Okay, now I’m going to call the insurance company about Short Term Diasbility so I can mark one thing off my list. And can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! We’ll be celebrating on Christmas Eve so it’s even sooner for us. =)
Have a good week! 



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