Mission Swing: Accomplished!!

So, last night while Brad was at work I was dead set on getting at least one piece of baby stuff put together. I naturally chose the swing because it was the smallest and therefore the easiest, right? Wrong! What a pain in the butt. Haha, Brad has been given the lovely task of the stroller and the Pack N Play because I just cannot deal with it. =)
The fun started on the very first step; identifying and making sure that all the pieces were there. Urgh, the only piece that I couldn’t find was a clip to attach the plastic tray to the front of the swing. I figured oh well, we could get a piece sent to us from the company easy enough if it wasn’t there. So I start assembling, with the most hard to identify instructions EVER! It took me an hour and a half to get this thing together, it was one thing after another. And the screws (only 4 screws in the entire thing) had to go in at the weirdest angles and felt like they were a little too wide for where they were screwing in to. At the end of it I was so tired and sore, so like I said above, Brad gets the pleasure of doing the rest of the items. =)
But here are a couple pictures so that everyone can see my handy work:

And the adorable mobile:
And; since I said I’d post pictures, our super cute boppy:
And the back:
And if you notice on the ground behind it where I threw my swing instructions in celebration of actually completing the dang thing.
And just for some quick news, Brad got to feel Ella’s hiccups this morning, she gets them a lot. And I KNOW there was something I thought of as soon as I posted yesterday but now of course, it’s gone. So if there is a 2nd post today, it’s because I remembered. Haha

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