Yay for shopping and gift cards!

So, on Wednesday we went down to Babies R Us to get some stuff of of our registry. A friend of ours ordered online for our registry and at first I thought it was dumb that they shipped the 3 items from 3 different warehouses therefore arriving in 3 different packages at 3 different times. Then I realized that they had put a 20% off coupon in each shipment. I already had a 20% of coupon and a 15% off coupon so I had 5 and wanted to use them before they expired. So we grabbed all of our gift cards and off we went.
We were able to buy the breast pump I wanted, our changing pad, swing, and lamp. Then Brad wanted to buy Ella this little stuffed animal that he saw, so we got all of this for a total cost of $15.94 to us. And thanks to the coupons we saved $76 so we were able to stretch the gift cards a lot further! It was so nice, and then we got to go out to dinner and just be able to spend some time together so it was a very nice evening.
Now tonight the resort is taking Brad away from me on Friday nights (so this includes our last Christmas of just the 2 of us, I’ll be working all day and he’ll be working all night! Stupid dinners at the top of the mountain!) so tonight I’m going to attempt putting together the swing and stroller. We’ll see how that goes. I might give up and make Brad do it next week. So, I believe we’ll be doing our Chirstmas on Christmas Eve. And then a week after that I go to my 35 1/2 week midwife appointment and from there on out I will be going every week! Crazy!
And now, just for fun I will leave you with a couple pictures of Ellas new lamp, I LOVE it!

Alright, so that is all until I think of something else random to say. =) Or until Sunday! Maybe tomorrow I’ll have pictures of a completed swing and stroller to post! =)

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