Ordered the baby book and I need some opinions!

I’m so excited! I just ordered Ella’s baby book with some money that we were given at our shower. We went with this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=23157706 but of course hers will say Ella Lynn. I just love it and cannot wait until we get it, I have heard GREAT things about this sellers work.
So, I got all of my wrapping done this morning and got gifts shipped off (I forgot how darn expensive shipping is!) It’s a nice feeling to just be able to relax now since I am done with Christmas (well, 99%, I’m waiting to get a couple gifts until after Christmas since I’m poor and just can’t swing it all right now. Haha) I wrapped in Ellas room since it was clean and had open floor space, and I could close the door so that cats wouldn’t bother me. Well it really bugs me how dim it seems in there sometimes and today was one of them. I brought up to Brad the other day that I would like to put a new light fixture in there, something girly and bright. Well, when we were at home depot the other day I found this one and thought it was perfect: 

But Brad thinks its’ cheesy. Any opinions?? 



2 thoughts on “Ordered the baby book and I need some opinions!

  1. Chandeliers are always very pretty, but I would try to see if you could find one that is a little more versatile for Ella's room. You may love it now, but that is a very distinct style and it will be difficult to match it to Ella's tastes as she grows older (baseball fan one year, Rock n Roll child the next). You could always buy a new fixture, but it will save you money in the long run to go with something that can change with Ella. Personally, I love girly chandeliers. So if you love it, you could always put it in the dining room đŸ™‚

  2. I love chandeliers but I'm not sure about putting one in a nursery. I think this one is really girly and it is really cute, I don't think it matches the decor of the nursery. I vote no to the chandelier.

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