Christmas tree and Nursery pictures

So, last night after our cleaning frenzy in preperation for tonights baby shower (yay!) we got our tree decorated and the nursery a little more organized.
As for the tree, I have to say that for someone who could “care less” if we got a tree or not (Brad!) he sure is meticulous about how the lights are placed. Hahaha. And now the only thing left to do in the nursery to make me 100% happy with it is to hang the wall letters. As you’ll see in the pictures they are just sitting on the back of the crib still. When I asked Brad to hang them last night he didn’t want to because he was tired, so I started bringing up all the things I did in the nursery this week even though I was tired also, to which he responds, “Yeah, but I don’t have that nesting thing kicking in for me.” Ha! So I had to inform him that this was not nesting yet, he still had to wait for that, I just wanted to show off the nursery. Didn’t get done, but oh well, not the end of the world. He did finish my whole list that I wrote out for him about what needed cleaning.
Here are our stockings, hung by the fire hung over the TV with care:

Here is our Christmas tree with the lights in the room turned off:

And with the room lights on:
And time for the nursery:

So, we also have to put together the Pack N Play together and the Stroller. Shouldn’t take too long. ::::fingers crossed:::: You never know though.
Warning: Faythe, if you don’t want to get mad at Ella, stop reading now. Hahaha
So, our good friend and past room mate Trey has ben extremely intrigued by this pregnancy. He’ll ask a lot of questions and is just generally concerned with how things are progressing. Well, starting in late October he wanted to feel the baby move but she would always stop right around the time I’d tell him she was moving like crazy. Well, this morning he put his hand on top of my stomach while she was kicking like crazy and his eyes got really big and he goes “Rachel, she just moved!” Why yes Trey, I know. Haha, but he thought it was pretty “awesome”.
Anyway, look for the weekly update tomorrow and hopefully some Baby Shower pictures. And yes Jessica, I’ll post a “mom view” picture just for you!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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