A Little Progress. . . . . .

So, Thursday I started stenciling the wall only to realize that the stencils hadn’t been printed on a thick enough material so they curled at each corner as soon as the paint hit them, urgh! The paint ran everywhere and they just looked horrible. I was determined to stencil so while I waited for the mess to dry so I could paint over it I went up to work to get Brads exacto knife and when I got home I just used the originals as a template and then cut the stencils out of a cereal box. Then I painted over the first attempt and once that was dry I got to work stenciling. They aren’t perfect (but what cereal box DIY ever is) but I love the one wall (yes, after my failed attempts, remake of the stencil pattern, and how late it was getting I was too tired to do anymore!) that I got done.
When I was done with the first wall and Brad had helped me move the crib in place and we got the glider where I want it, Brad started putting together the dresser, it was taking a while and we were both tired so he just finished it last night, I LOVE it.
While I was going through my dramatic stenciling situation on Thursday Brad was going through a Hot Water Heater situation, the situation was, it wasn’t working. The pilot and the burner went out and every time he got them to light they would both blow out after about 5 seconds. So after all my work going up and down step stools to stencil I couldn’t take a shower. Needless to say my back was KILLING me yesterday. So Brad called the propane company yesterday morning and left work early to meet the guy to do the repairs. He said it just seemed like something was clogged with dust or something because basically all the guy did was beat the heck out of the heater and it works now. So last night when I got home I wanted to stencil but I just couldn’t make myself do it, hopefully tonight I won’t be as tired. But, I didn’t sleep too well last night so who knows. I hate being exhausted during the day but I can’t sleep at night.
Anyway, enough of being a downer, I’ll post some pictures for now and then I’ll update with my weekly update tomorrow.
Here is the finished wall:

And a close up of the border:
And here is the finished dresser, it will be moved to the wall to the left of where it is in this picture once I get it stenciled (again, hopefully tonight!):
And last but not least I ordered the most adorable shoes online and they finally came in yesterday. I got them in 2 different sizes because I loved them so much. Haha:
Alright, I’ll post again tomorrow with my 32 week update!

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