Yesterdays Appointment

So the appointment yesterday went well. I’m now up 29 lbs total (eeek!) but the nurses were amazed because I don’t show it, woo hoo! My dizzy spells are caused by LOW blood pressure. I explained that I kind of have a Dr. anxiety (don’t ask why, I’m just always convinced they’re going to tell me something’s wrong) and so my blood pressure is higher when I go there anyway. She looked at my chart and said that without counting last time my blood pressure is on the low side anyway and if that’s higher then it is normally it sounds like classic symptoms of low blood sugar. And this time I actually was stressed because I was going to bring up the whole dizzy spell thing and was convinced something was wrong and my Blood Pressure was only 108/74.
They drew blood this appointment which I wasn’t expecting. I guess at 30-32 weeks they like to check your iron levels and make sure the baby is getting enough. I guess my vein was at a weird angle and it actually hurt this time, having it drawn. And now today for the first time I have a lovely bruise where she drew blood. Although I was only at 31 weeks 1 day my fundal height is measuring 32 weeks so I’m still measuring a week ahead but I seem to be slowing down in the speed that I’m growing (3 weeks ahead, then a week and a half, and now down to a week) so Hopefully Ella is slowing down a little also. =) She still does not seem to like to be monitored because this time she kicked the doppler twice. She has moved and has turned most of the way around. She was breech at the last ultrasound and yesterday she was almost completely head down. Yay! So overall it was a great appointment and Ella’s heartbeat sounded great, in the 150’s. My next appointment is a week from Thursday, the 10th. It stinks, our practice is made up of midwives and OB’s and it’s down to 2 midwives now so they’re only there on Mondays and Thursday, so in order to not have to take any time off of work we have to have our appointments on Thursdays now, but this way Brad can start coming again. Unfortunately he’s missed the last 2 because of work. But the good news is, I thought that my favorite midwife had left the practice but she hasn’t! So it’s the 2 that I am most comfortable with that are left. The only downside (don’t know if I’ve said this before, sorry if I’m repeating myself) is that with only 2 of them there are 5 days a month that it’s the OB’s that are on call for delivery and I don’t really like either of them. So, hopefully the timing works out and I get one of my 2 midwives, preferably my fave though. Haha
After the appointment I picked up our Christmas cards and then headed down to Denver. Did I minor bit of Christmas shopping (apologies in advance this year family, I can’t afford much this year!) and then went to go see the movie “The Blind Side”. LOVED IT! I love sports movies anyways but this one was great. Then did a walmart run and came home. When a got home a CD that Brad had ordered for me had come in so that was a surprise, I didn’t know he was getting me anything. It’s the new(est) Dave Matthews Band CD and I love it and so does Ella. We listened to it on my way to work this morning and she was dancing like crazy. Also when I got home he had picked up a box at the Post office and it had a gift from our friends April & Todd which was so exciting! I love getting things for Ella. And April, Lucy LOVES the packing job:

Haha, and while I was doing my shopping I could not resist going to the Gymboree Outlet store. I got some of the cutest things for Ella!
This super cute dress:
And yes, you’re seeing right, that’s a mouse poking out of the pocket!:
This adorable pair of jeans for when she gets a little older:
And yes, what jeans could be called complete in this household without puppies on the cuff?:
And then I got her a couple of long sleeved onsies for this time next year:
First Halloween:
And for Christmas time:
I know there was something else that I wanted to talk about but I can’t think of it right now. I’ll post when I remember. =)


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