Happy (Day Late) Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday, I know we did. We actually got to sleep in a little which was wonderful, I really needed it. Alicia, my friend who actually worked opposite of me last year had the week off of school so she offered to start back early so I could have some days off. So I got 2 days off instead of just the 1 that I was expecting. The sleep was so nice, too bad sleeping in any more is up at around 8:30. =)
Brad and I were able to just hang out most of the day, watch some football and get some cleaning and cooking done. Darren came over around 3 with Kasen and took some pictures of Brad and I with the dogs for Christmas cards, the only problem now is that I like all of these for one reason or another and I don’t know which to choose. =)
Alicia came over when she got off work, we played some Euchre, played with Kasen some more, and waited for the turkey to “pop”. While we were getting ready to take pictures Kasen wanted to take some, so you hear him say “Daddy, say cheese!” even though the camera is pointed at himself and you end up with this as the end product:

Haha. On Wednesday I bought the paint to do the border in the nursery with, now we just need to do it. And yesterday before we ate I made Brad and Darren move the bed out of there. So now we actually have room to work and get everything put together. I cannot wait until it’s all done! So I think that next week we’ll be stenciling a border and hopefully putting together the dresser so I can get all the clothes washed and put away. I can’t believe how close to the end we’re getting!

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