WalMart is EVIL!

Urgh! So on Sunday the 7th I ordered our dresser/changing table from WalMart. I was so excited, couldn’t wait for the 18th so we could go pick it up as that is/should be the last of the furniture! Well, today is the 18th and NO dresser. It sat in Utah for 4 days before going to Loveland, CO. Then yesterday morning at 9:17 AM it left Loveland Colorado to go to the store in Evergreen (MAYBE a 2 hour drive). Now 27 hours later they still haven’t even updated there site so even if my beautiful dresser is just sitting there, the earliest we’ll be able to pick it up is tomorrow because it won’t update in the system until then. When technically it COULD have been here 4 days ago if they hadn’t let it just sit in Utah doing nothing.
Sorry I had to vent, it frustrates me (not just when pregnant, but all the time) when companies just let things sit there and it is something that you are excited about/waiting for!
Vent Over!


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