Todays appointment. . . . . .

So, todays Dr.’s appointment went just fine. Talked with the midwife some more about natural birth and she gave me a list of books on Hypnobirthing that could help with some concentration and meditation techniques that will help during labor. She let me know which ones she thought were pretty “hippy” and out there. I’m not measuring as far ahead anymore, I’m measuring at about 29 1/2 weeks and since I’m 28 1/2 I have gone from three weeks ahead to only a week ahead. Ella is measuring at 31 weeks which when you put her size into my week just puts her in the 90th percentile and she currently weights 3 lbs. 6oz. So, we’re all good, she isn’t “HUGE” like Brad thought she might be.
The bad thing is she is currently breech so we need her to flip! I found out that I passed my 1 hour glucose test with flying colors, anything over 140 is a fail and my number was 86. Woo Hoo! But then on the downside again when I got there I was stressed from driving (I HATE driving) and my blood pressure was 130/70. Doesn’t sound high but it is when you’re pregnant, so they took it again before I left because they didn’t like the first number and it had dropped dramatically to 104/70 which was MUCH better.
And that’s about it. I’ll update in a couple days with my 29 week update.


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